Elizabeth Warren Leads Bloodlust Brigade in the Democrat Party Targeting Pregnancy Centers for Pro-Abortion


Elizabeth Warren attempts to justify abortion by eliminating pregnancy support clinics.

A tired argument on the pro-choice side has been revived ever since the Supreme Court memo was released about Roe vs. Wade. The claim is that Republicans/Christians/Men only support the life of a child until birth, then they are completely forgotten and the women have to fend for themselves in a life crippled by the forced pregnancy. The problem is not that women are responsible or accountable for their actions, but that they have no other options.

The problem with the pro-abortion Democrats’ rapaciousness is that women have access to support centers. Apart from Planned Parenthood, there are many clinics across the country where women can get basic health care and prenatal and postnatal support.

These centers offer a variety of services for women, including assistance in navigating the healthcare system and access to medical services during pregnancy. After giving birth, the basic necessities of formula and diapers are provided. Women can also receive support such as employment and housing assistance. This woman describes the assistance they provide women through her pro-life center.

This reality seems to dissipate many claims from the left. There is plenty of evidence that this is an effective retort and an effective way to counter their basic accusations. It also upsets those who are pro-abortion. These pregnancy support clinics are now being targeted in many ways. Since the SCOTUS leak, a variety of support clinics have been subject to violence, including firebombing. This has led to damaged facilities.

This behavior has been tolerated with little outrage or calls for its cessation. We can see why by the actions of Elizabeth Warren, a Democrat legislator, over the last few weeks. Warren has been particularly motivated by the SCOTUS draft opinion since its release. Abortion is her primary cause. Her secondary cause is to close these pregnancy support centers.

Her efforts have received a lot of media attention, starting with her desperate plea to Joe Biden to nationalize abortion services. Martha Raddatz was interviewed by her last week. She suggested that President Obama take action to federalize abortion access.

We must first help women who are currently pregnant and in need of help. This means asking the President of the United States for assistance in making abortion available to as many people as possible. He can use federal lands and medication abortion.

When she refers to helping pregnant women, it is only one thing. She means helping them have an abortion. These women will not find clinics or other health facilities that can assist them in bringing their baby to term. Warren is actually hostile to such clinics.

Warren, as previously reported, is seeking to pass legislation to criminalize these centers under the accusation that they emit disinformation and make false claims. This is insane hypocrisy. She cries about the supposed crime that abortion access is being handed over to states and voters, but she also wants the federal government to crack down on these alternative options and close them down.

But this isn’t all. The Hill Democrats sent an earlier letter to Alphabet Inc. in the previous month to demand that the company take action against these centers. Warren was among the 20 people who signed the letter requesting that Google remove disclaimers from search results. This stated that these centers were “fake clinics” and that their locations would lead to misleading results.

The Democrats are desperate to restrict access to pregnancy support centers, and these moves on them are clear signs of that. They can close these centers, which will create the need for abortion clinics. This is a self-fulfilling outcome, born out of the desire for abortions to be readily available.

They see the killing of a fetus, for some reason, as sacred. To maintain this view, they need to end the community support that they claim is not there. They seek to close down pregnancy centers that are not in line with their narratives and agendas in order to keep abortions alive.