Legal Scholar Calls Opposition to CRT a Battle for National Survival


Critical Race Theory, Anti-racism, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, or Learning through social or emotional channels. A noted legal scholar says to call it whatever you like, but a fixated focus on race is a common threat.

William A. Jacobson from Cornell Law School said that the fight against Critical Race Theory was nothing less than a struggle for national survival. He made this observation during a talk in which Jacobson explored the historical roots and the growing influence of CRT in K-12 education. And most importantly, how to defeat it.

Jacobson asked about CRT advocates.

What would you do if you could rip this country apart?

Great question.

Jacobson continued, as transcribed in The Carolina Journal

It’s a fight to save the nation. CRT is a way to pit people against one another based on their skin color and race. It is setting students against one another, and teachers against students. It is causing students to rebel against their country.

He spoke about his Harvard Law School experiences in the 1980s when the push to identify people “by an ethnic or racial group as opposed to individually” took root. Jacobson stated that the politically moderate students went on to business law and those who studied critical legal theory went on to academia.

We have it. These radical students from the late 60s, 70s, and 80s proliferate in the hallowed halls of academia. Let’s call these leftist elites. They began to target them, let’s just call them useful idiots. This included politicians, media types, left-wing pundits, Hollywood stars, as well as professional sports players. Why?

We will call them “willfully low-information voters” because the useful idiots are more common than the leftist elites and have greater access to exploiting and pandering to more people. After becoming sufficiently programmed, low-information voters will automatically line up and vote for far-left candidates. They also support progressive issues.

Jacobson stated that most Americans were “asleep behind the wheel”, while radical leftists developed CRT.

Over 30 years, they began to develop theories that led to Critical Race Theory. The rest of us were asleep at our wheel.

He said that it was “truly amazing how deeply this highly-racialized worldview has become.”

It is a sobering thought. But, I receive messages from parents who are often flabbergasted that CRT ideology is being introduced to their children’s schools. What’s the best part? Parents, it’s time to get involved.

Jacobson said, however, that “I cannot think of any single positive thing that has been achieved on the campuses because of this obsession with race.”

Everyone in this room should be against racism. You want everyone to be treated equally. Equal opportunity is what you want. Campus life is the exact opposite.

It is stratifying people. It is teaching people to be quiet out of fear of being called racist. This can lead to a career end or false accusations that can cause you to lose your job. People are also bullied into silence.

What does Professor Jacobson recommend we do? How can CRT be defeated in daily life? He suggests that we shine a spotlight on CRT, regardless of its name.

The professor stated that “when people learn about it, there’s pushback.” The pushback is multiracial and multiethnic. It cuts across all party lines, which is what scares people who support it.

Jacobson stated that this is contrary to what we have seen at school board meetings across America — Loudoun County in Virginia comes to mind — “The pressure should not be on to fire somebody or to ban something.”

Openness should be the goal. It is important to create an atmosphere on campus that allows for alternative viewpoints without being harassed or targeted. It is necessary to establish a culture of respect on campuses.

Jacobson’s suggestion to press academic institutions to create a campus environment where other views can be heard is a good one. But let’s face it, the radical left won’t allow this to happen. You only need to look at the many violent examples to see why. The most recent example is the violent leftist meltdown that followed the upsetting of Roe V. Wade.

Jacobson’s observation that CRT opponents and other radical-leftist indoctrination were “bullied into silence” was correct. However, I believe that calling these people out for who they are, and more importantly, for what they want to do to America’s children, is a crucial component of fighting CRT.

It must be done in large numbers. Larger crowds tend to have greater voices.

The left knows too well about that reality and we should as well.