Dan Bongino Has Two Theories About Biden’s Classified Documents, Neither Looks Good


It has been scandalous, but there is still much to learn about Joe Biden’s illegal possession of and use of classified documents. This happened after Biden became vice president.

Fox and Friends’ Dan Bongino recently presented two theories. Both theories are not good.

Bongino suggests this could be a “sabotage strike” against Biden by Democrats trying to force him out of the 2024 race. While the president has yet to declare, Bongino and associates have made it clear they will be running for reelection.

It was a plot to sabotage Joe Biden’s candidacy. As someone who has worked in the White House, I know that these men don’t like each other.

Bongino does not seem to suggest that Biden illegally took and stored classified documents but that they were found in a convenient way.

We now come to the timing question.

Bongino reaffirmed his second theory, stating that Biden could be subject to a higher criminal liability.

Let’s look at a few clues. First, Ken Dilanian leaked the second tranche. Fusion Ken is the name given to Ken Dilanian by NBC. Because he was a spokesperson for Fusion GPS and the Democrats, this was why Ken Dilanian leaked the second tranche.

There are two more things to note: these are the appointment letters of Jack Smith and Special counsel Hur in the Biden case.

It’s prudent to look into what is really going on underneath the surface whenever Ken Dilanian gets involved in anything. The news he received regarding the second tranche could indicate that the same sources might be at work.

Was it the intent of the powers that were appointed to special counsel in this matter? To end the House GOP investigation into Biden (now the DOJ has the option to refuse cooperation because of an “ongoing inquiry”), and to put a friendly face on the special counsel role for any future damaging revelations.

I don’t know. This feels a bit out of the weeds, but I wouldn’t hesitate to support the Biden administration. It seems unlikely that these documents were randomly found by a lawyer who had no reason to search.