Over 1,000 Private Jets Expected to Descend on Davos as WEF Leaders Preach Climate Change


The World Economic Forum begins Monday in Davos (Switzerland), Tuesday. Hundreds of business leaders and politicians from around the world will meet to discuss current issues and make recommendations for reducing poverty, climate change, and hunger.

How do these leaders get there? Fly commercial and then board a train? That’s the most likely way to get there if you ask me. Are they renting a car or riding with the rest of the bus-riding masses?

Nope. In the 2019 pre-pandemic years, an estimated 1,500 private flights flew into and out of the nearby airports. Greenpeace estimates that the number for 2022 is around 1,040. (The radical environmental group points out the hypocrisy of those who shame you about climate change.

If their actions were not in line with their beliefs, I wouldn’t mind them taking these flights. You must get rid of your gas stove and get an electric car (despite the fact that EVs are more costly and non-recyclable batteries are made with cobalt mined in Congo by slave labor). YOU must eat less meat but the US? It’s not the same story. We do what we want.

The Washington Post has the following report:

According to the [Greenpeace] analysis, private jet flight numbers increased by 93 percent in the week of the May 2022 World Economic Forum. This is in comparison with the weeks prior to and after the conference. Sustainability and global warming are major topics of discussion. According to the Greenpeace analysis, private long-haul flights greater than 1,860 miles (or 3,000 km) were particularly high compared to the baseline. It was done using data from private jets at airports close to the conference site in the Swiss Alps by CE Delft, a Dutch environment consultancy.

One of the flights included in the analysis traveled just 13 miles (or 21 km) and then continued on to Cannes, a French Riviera resort.

You can always join a massive automobile convoy if you don’t wish to travel by plane.

What percentage of the carbon dioxide emissions are private aircraft putting out? About four times as many CO2 emissions per week than an average week, which is the same as 350,000 cars. Context:

According to Transport & Environment (T&E), a private jet can produce two tonnes of carbon dioxide per hour. This is equal to a few month worths of greenhouse gas emissions from the European Union.

According to T&E data, private planes pollute between 5 and 14 times as much as commercial jets per passenger and 50 times more than high-speed rail.

Another point to be noted is that Davos can be reached by train from almost anywhere in Europe. If these “leaders” really believed what they said, they would do anything to avoid private aviation at all costs.

They don’t and won’t tell you this.