Matt Dolan Announces 2024 Run Against Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown


After a Monday voicemail that suggested he would challenge Sen. Sherrod brown (D-OH), State Senator Matt Dolan (R) announced his campaign for U.S. Senate.

Dolan, who ran in the GOP Senate primary and lost, criticized Brown’s “blind loyalty to the Democratic Party” in his statement.

Dolan stated that while a lot can happen in 30 years, Sherrod Brown’s dedication to his party has remained constant. Sherrod Brown, together with Joe Biden has helped America get out of its problems for a generation. They are done.

After a voicemail he left to an Ohio GOP official, the senator’s campaign announcement was leaked to NBC News.

Dolan stated in his announcement that Ohioans desire security and “not a federal agency that opens our borders, contributes towards inflation, demonizes police.”

He said that Ohioans need a problem-solver who can overcome big challenges and is not afraid to take responsibility.

Dolan stated, “I have a track record of conservative success that has resulted in results for Ohio families and workers,”

Dolan was defeated by Sen. J.D. Vance (R.OH), who was backed in 2022 by former President Donald Trump. Trump opposed Dolan as senator, and the state senator was frequently critical of Trump.

Ohio is one of eight battleground state Republican Party leaders are trying to flip.

Brown did not announce that he would be running for reelection, but he told NBC News that he intended to. As the state continues to lean toward Republicans, Brown faces a difficult reelection fight. Vance’s victory in 2022 gave the GOP momentum to win both Senate seats in 2024.

Dolan stated that he was ready to lead with the strength of his convictions, clarity in purpose and a focus on the opportunities and challenges facing the state, Dolan said.