Cuomo Strikes Back with Ethics Complaint Against NY AG Letitia James


The file should be placed into the “too-good-to-be-true” folder. Andrew Cuomo (ex-Governor of New York) filed a state ethics complaint against Letitia Jam (New York State Attorney General), alleging she was guilty of professional misconduct and trying to inflame public opinion.

It’s akin to putting two snakes in a box and seeing which one emerges.

Cuomo claimed James deliberately misled the public about the sex assault accusations against him and that she used her inquiry to improve her political standing. You can view the lawsuit here.

Page 3 is my favorite in the suit.

The Report the Attorney General and her investigators released on August 3, 2021, was fundamentally misleading and inaccurate. It was in violation of Rules 8.4(c). It implied and repeated in a bombastic manner that I had sexually harassed 11 female employees. This is despite the fact most of those women’s claims did not amount to harassment.

I repeat “… the claims made by most these eleven women weren’t sexual harassment …”. Italics around “most” are not mine. They are in the document. ”

Cuomo’s record-breaking fall from the top to the bottom of politics was a result of his handling of the COVID crisis. The title of his almost daily appearances on CNN together with Chris, his brother anchor, and his $5 million book deal, American Crisis Leadership learning lessons from COVID-19 Pandemic was hilarious. Cuomo was recently allowed to keep the money, despite the scandals.

He was considered a possible presidential candidate even though he was popular. Both men and women posed in shirts declaring that they were “Cuomosexual,” an identity they later regretted.

It was incredible how fast this all changed. His COVID response wasn’t so great. His orders led to the deaths of thousands in nursing homes. His orders led to the deaths of thousands in nursing homes.

According To The New York Times, Cuomo’s latest effort to rehabilitate himself is the lawsuit.

This 48-page complaint by Mr. Cuomo is his latest attempt to save his reputation and get back at his attackers.

Two weeks ago, Mr. Cuomo wrote to his supporters an opinion piece in Daily News. It raised questions about his claims and suggested that he may have been the victim of the #MeToo movement. Mr. Cuomo also spent $60,000 on Facebook ads to promote this article. This was done to change the narrative about his resignation.

Although it may be too late to make a rehabilitation plan, it is possible. It might be too late for rehabilitation, but who knows?

It could get ugly and I wouldn’t lie if I said that I felt sorry for either of them. They will continue to do this, I believe.