The Endless Battle Against the Democrats’ Censorship Machine


To put it mildly, Republicans aren’t being very friendly with Democrats anymore. If the owner of the last pair rose-colored glasses in America is reading this I want to let him/her know that there will not be any lighting of the unity candle between the two sides anytime soon.

Even a casual observer of politics will know that the Democrats want to silence all expressions from the right side of their aisle. Joe Biden’s tantrum at Philly was all about that. Paula, a journalist from Ohio, wrote Tuesday about Tim Ryan, the Ohio Democratic Senate candidate, saying: “We must kill and confront [the MAGA] Movement,” to an MSNBC audience.

In this effort, the Dems have many weapons at their disposal. Multiple times we have witnessed the ease with which the Biden administration will use the federal government against political opponents. Their old friends and new friends in mainstream media are working hard for them.

Facebook acknowledged receiving directives from FBI, and continues to play God on which content should be viewed.