Critic of Atlanta’s ‘Cop City’ Arrested for Reckless Driving and Hit-and-Run


For nearly two years, the proposed public safety center in Atlanta has become a hot topic. Domestic terrorists, mostly from outside of the area, have been protesting the site in the name of the “forest,” but it is actually the site of an abandoned prison farm. These goons are causing havoc all over the city.

Locals have also expressed their opposition to the center without resorting to domestic terrorism. One of these figures had saved his violent acts for another part of the city and recently found himself in trouble with the law.

WSB-TV reported that Matthew V. Johnson is the founder and leader of Beloved Community Ministries. The organization “aims to support social injustice movements”. A GoFundMe page for Beloved Community Ministries shows how Johnson’s progressive Christian allies set about helping the domestic terrorists.

Beloved Community devoted the majority of its operational resources to the fight against Defend The Atlanta Forest (DTAF), Stop Cop City (SCC), and the organizing of activists and concerned citizens on the frontlines. This support includes spiritual counseling, conflict mediation, and hosting community forums. It also includes guided meditation and yoga sessions and various forms of coordination and support on the ground.

It’s true: a Christian organization is offering yoga and meditation to Antifa thugs who are causing trouble for a city that wants to build a training center for public safety for residents of color. Let’s look at Johnson’s almost comical crime spree now that we know he’s an anti-police tyrant.

On Sept. 29, Johnson arrived at Express Oil Change and Tire Engineers on the east side of Atlanta to pick up his car after service. The problem is that Johnson didn’t leave in his car — and not by accident.

“An employee told Channel 2 Action News that Johnson was there to pick up his SUV, but they say before he paid for the work, he reached over the front counter and stole the keys to another customer’s car,” reports WSB. “The video shows him paying for his own vehicle, but as soon as he walks outside, he hops in the Mercedes.”

The manager tried to stop Johnson, but it was already too late. Johnson crashed into other cars, injuring innocent people before fleeing the scene.

The police found the social activist and took him to Grady Memorial Hospital for treatment before booking him in jail. According to WSB, authorities charged him with “multiple offenses, including theft by stealing, reckless driving and hit-and-run.”

Johnson’s experience in prison makes it hard to believe that he didn’t think about police training and the need for more officers. It’s also easy to assume that he won’t change his tune despite his experiences on the run and in jail. He will probably return to comforting and providing assistance to out-of-town domestic terrorists who do not want Atlanta residents to have better-trained first responders.

They are protesting for a safer Atlanta. The protesters will not stop until the city forces them to stop. Building the public safety center is the first step. Please, Atlanta, don’t quit.