Hillary Clinton’s Narcissistic Response to Trump Supporters


Hillary Clinton is still the darling of globalists despite losing two presidential elections and wandering in the woods. Clinton’s political scam never ends. If she isn’t appearing at a “security” conference, or being interviewed by a far-left apparachik, then she is probably attending some “security’ conference.

This brings me to Clinton’s recent appearance on CNN, with Christiane Amanpour in which she gave this psychopathic notion of how to deal with Trump supporters.

CLINTON: In the past, there were very strong partisans within both parties, and we had bitter fights about all sorts of issues. Gun control and climate change. Economy and taxes. There wasn’t the same little story of extremes waving and wagging, as there is now, the Republican Party.

And unfortunately, many of these extremists – those MAGA radicals – take their orders from Donald Trump, who is a man without any credibility. He is only interested in himself. When will they stop supporting him, since he is now defending himself both in criminal and civil cases? You know, at some point there may need to be formal deprogramming for the cultists, but it must happen.

It’s important to understand that Clinton is the most self-aware individual on earth. Before Trump was elected, Democrats were being “waved the dog” by extremists. George W. Bush, one of the mildest presidents in history, was treated as Hitler. Some of the most extreme measures in American history were taken before Trump became president, including the weaponization of the federal government.

Clinton’s cry of extremism, despite her policy positions including support for abortion up to birth, is laughable. She has no right to lecture anyone about credibility, given that she was the main proponent of the discredited Steele Dossier. She didn’t need to defend herself because Republicans were weak. Trump’s DOJ let them off the hook, despite the clear fact that she broke the law. (There’s a valuable lesson here which I will get to).

It’s still astonishing how readily she proposes the use of reeducation camps for those who are against her and her political party. The word “formal”, in this case, leaves no room for imagination. Is there any doubt that, given her comment and other’s comments, she and others would throw Republicans into makeshift gulags?

Amanpour laughs about the exchange. It’s funny to suggest that one’s political opponents be “formally deprogrammed”. Has CNN any standards now? This is a rhetorical statement.

Clinton’s absurdity did not stop there. She claimed, while speaking at Georgetown University that men are the biggest threat to women’s peace.

Clinton isn’t dumb, she’s simply shameless. This woman started a war that resulted in the death of hundreds of thousands and transformed a nation that was already downtrodden into a modern-day slavery market. Clinton has never opposed war, and her role in propagating many dangerous, ill-advised conflicts is well documented. Blaming men for the problems of the world is to ignore Clinton’s own record. She’s become very good at this over the years.

Last but not least, I will return to the notion that we can all learn from this. Never let a Democrat get off the hook. Trump may have thought he was achieving national unity by doing this, but it didn’t. The left doubled down instead, and if a Republican ever returns to the White House in the future (whether it’s in 2024 or later), the laws will be equally enforced. Democrats must be forced to follow their own rules. Anything less than this is unacceptable.