White House Scrambles to Address Border Crisis


You might ask, “How bad is this border crisis really?” You may be aware of the mini-Democrat Civil War that is brewing in New York. The arrival of a few tens of thousands of illegal immigrants prompted Gov. Kathy Hochul to take a shot at Joe Biden last week. Residents of Chicago’s West Side Galewood Neighborhood were “livid”, just a few days ago, over plans to house immigrants there.

The news today that the White House pressed the panic button with such force that I almost spilled my martini is nothing compared to that.

Of course, I’m joking — I would never spill a Martini. It’s too early for a martini; I’m drinking a Bloody Mary instead, just like civilized people.

The New York Post described it in an uncharacteristically dry manner. It was shocking to read that the White House had reversed its previous position on the physical barrier.

The Department of Homeland Security announced that it would start construction in Starr County Texas.

It gets better

Even Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas admitted that there was “an urgent and immediate need” to build physical barriers. He could not bring himself to use the word “wall,” but it’s clear what he really meant.

The White House has finally acknowledged that there is a problem. They are building a wall.

The real shocker is that DHS “will bypass long-drawn-out environmental assessments in order to accelerate border wall construction.”

Republicans giving up environmental reviews is the same as Democrats giving up…

Sorry, I’m sorry. Washington Republicans are always giving up. Democrats, on the other hand, almost never give up their pet projects. So Democrats ignoring environmental reviews in order to build Trump’s Wall is like the Bat Signal flashing because the Joker has just escaped Arkham Asylum.

We all know the reason for this. Biden’s numbers in the polls are lower than what Hunter Biden had to wake up every morning for the decade of 2010. Biden cannot do anything to improve the mood of people about the economy. More stimulus checks will only reignite the inflation and Washington is already functionally bankrupt.

Biden cannot afford to stay at home on Election Day because the border crisis affects voters in big cities like New York or Chicago presumably because even the biggest city Dems are limited in their ability to produce a certain number of fake ballots. The southern border is now the narrative for the entire administration, a narrative that’s chaotic, lies, inept, and dangerous. The public can’t ignore these facts, and the White House must change this narrative quickly.

Building a border fence is impossible without doing that Orange Man Bad thing.

It’s true that Donald Trump made overpromises and underdelivered when building the wall. But for Democrats to adopt Trump’s signature strategy and run with it, is like going to Sunday church and hearing the pastor say, “All hail Satan.”

I’m not a naive optimist who thinks the Biden administration can ever complete the wall. I’m expecting them to do just enough to stop the flow of illegals into Democrat s***holes cities for long enough for Biden to be reelected. It’ll then be chaos as usual.

Enjoy the orange man bad Joe Biden in the meantime.