Child-Grooming Strategy Exposed in Undercover Video


The San Francisco Gay Men’s Choir made a song a couple of years ago, in which its members pledged to surreptitiously convert the children of America to homosexuality against the wishes of their parents. They dismissed any backlash as “homophobic”, and said that they would not literally do what they promised.

You claim that we all live lives you do not respect. But you’re just frightened. You’re afraid that our agenda will corrupt your children if it isn’t checked. You’re right this time.

You will hardly notice as we convert your children subtly and quietly.

You won’t like where they go to bed at night. Just as you worry, they will change their friends. You’ll be horrified when they find things on the internet that you kept hidden from them…

Anyone who understands how the left operates, in reality, knows that they are going to try and covertly convert Flyover Country children (they already have the majority of coastal kids on their side) to their lifestyle.

The Washington Examiner

According to Aylo employees, Pornhub pushes pornographic content aimed at gay men and transgender children on straight men and kids in order to “convert them”.

A pair of employees of the pornography giant explained in secretly recorded videos produced by undercover journalism group Sound Investigations that its websites can help children who are “still figuring out [their] sexuality, maybe even [their] gender,” while also steering gay and transgender content to straight men in order to convert them.

Imagine you are 12 years old and you’re still trying to figure out your sexuality or gender. Wouldn’t it help if you saw, not a celebration, but maybe just a normalization, of what you believe you want? Dillon Rice, senior scriptwriter for MindGeek (now Aylo), said this when describing TransAngels, one of the websites owned by the company.

Rice said that because children are “more pliable,” they need help figuring out their sexuality, and determining what orientation they prefer.

Sylvian Fernandez, the production coordinator at the company, said that, an online gay pornography website, could be used to help children who are sexually confused. She added, “They will find their kink there, I am sure.”

As I’ve already mentioned, certain porn genres, such as “sissy-hypno”, are specifically designed to alter the sexuality and desire for sodomy of the viewers by “hypnotizing them” via voiceovers with graphic images.