Country Musician Rages as Adults Raid Halloween Candy Bowl in Viral Video


A country singer has attacked a group of adults who were caught on video raiding a bowl of Halloween candy with their children.

Cody Tate of the country band Whiskey Myers posted the footage on his Instagram page. The video shows the smiling adults leading the way as they steal the candy outside his front entrance in Texas.

Tate placed all of the Halloween candy in a large bowl for trick-or-treaters to enjoy over the course of the night. He was surprised to find that the group had gathered the entire amount in one go.

At least three women are seen in the video scooping candy from the ground. The video has been viewed nearly 340,000 times on Instagram as of the date this article was written. Two women fill up their bags, while the third gives the candy to the children in costume before stuffing it into her sweatshirt.

Children also join in the fun before a man appears and grabs some candy for himself. The women pick up the candy that has fallen on the ground as they prepare to leave. Meanwhile, the man checks the bowl to ensure nothing is left.

Tate captioned the viral video: “This is why people are not trustworthy.”

If you know the person, please share. I knew it would happen, but not to adults. “Now all the children after these people cannot have any candy.”

Before Tate uploaded the video, he posted a picture showing the basket full of candy and a sign on his front porch reading “Please take one, Happy Halloween!” Go Rangers!!”

“Unbelievable. No care for the children that will follow them and find their empty homes” wrote a commenter on Instagram.

Tate ended the evening on a positive note by sharing a clip of one of his neighbors filling up the bucket with candies.

There are still good people around! “Neighbor Scott as Halloween MVP!” Tate captioned his video.