Border Patrol’s Alarming Find: 54 Convicted Sex Offenders Apprehended in Just Six Months


The border crisis is hurting major cities in the United States. However, several recent developments have revealed that the situation along the southern border poses even greater dangers to those who live there.

Border Patrol reported recently a noticeable increase in the number of convicted offenders caught while trying to sneak across the southern border. This raises the serious question of how many people will suffer because the Biden Administration is not taking this issue seriously.

Robert Danley, Chief Patrol Agent of the U.S. Border Patrol Del Rio Section revealed on Twitter that the Del Rio Sector agents apprehended 54 convicted sexual offenders who crossed the border illegally after trying to “evade” law enforcement.

Danley said, “Our agents are steadfastly protecting our communities and safeguarding our borders.”

October’s numbers are the start of fiscal year 2024, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection data. They were part of a record month in late last year. Federal data showed that there were 240,988 encounters with migrants at the southern border in October. This was a record number during the Biden administration.

CBP data from December 2023 showed that it was the most active month ever recorded by CBP officials. They had 302,034 encounters between the ports of entry and the U.S. Mexico border entry. CBP data showed, however, that the number of encounters recorded along the southwest border in January was down by approximately 42% compared to December.

It is not the first time that a story has raised concerns about sex criminals entering the country illegally. In 2021, I reported on a 3,166% increase in the number of sex criminals trying to sneak into America.

Border Patrol arrested 10 individuals who had been convicted of sexual crimes shortly after entering the country. Del Rio Sector Chief Agent Austin L. Skero II stated: “The majority were arrested in the most remote areas of our sector, trying to avoid detection by crossing away from populated areas.”

He said: “Our agents’ sign-cutting and tracking skills played a crucial role in capturing this criminal, preventing him from infiltrating into our communities.”

Border Patrol arrested two child sexual offenders as well as a murderer on the southern border in January.

This situation cannot be sustained in any way. These reports bring up the question: If this is the number of people Border Patrol has caught, how many others have managed to enter the country undetected? If we knew the answer, it would likely terrify you.

The porous border has already been shown to be dangerous in several cases. Illegal immigrants were responsible for the murder of Laken Riley and the beating of an NYPD officer.

These incidents will continue to occur as long as the White House does not act.