Controversy Erupts Over ‘He Gets Us’ Jesus Super Bowl Ad


Come Near’s ad featured scenes of people from all walks of life washing feet in imitation of Jesus during one of the first commercial breaks of the Super Bowl 2024. Many felt that the ad missed the biblical point.

The website of the group states that this ad is meant to promote This campaign aims to “remind everybody, including ourselves, that Jesus’ teachings are not a cold-shouldered embrace but a warm hug.”

The advertisement shows twelve different scenes where one person washes another’s foot. The majority of the scenes appear to show white people washing their feet. A white man is never shown washing the feet of a minority. Some even appear to tell white Christians to not be bigoted. This last photo shows a white priest scrubbing the feet of a person who appears to be part of the LGBTQ community. One image shows a white older woman washing her feet a young woman who is scowling outside of a Family Planning Clinic while pro-life demonstrators stand in the background.

John 13:1-17 tells the story of Jesus washing his disciples’ feet. It is often interpreted as a lesson in humility that Jesus taught to his disciples before the Last Super.

Many on social media thought the ad “blasphemous”, and that it did not represent the message Jesus wanted to convey to his followers.

Others felt the ad had been designed to be a racist attack on white people and push a leftist narrative.

Others wondered why the group spent up to $7 million on an advertisement instead of using this princely sum for people.