Sensational Speculation: Is Joe Biden Possessed or Just High?


Biden’s recent speech disgusted with his lies and attitude towards Israel. Normally, I listen to his speeches, but seeing him in person made me look into his eyes.

Biden grew his pupils so much that they turned black while he was reinterpreting the special prosecutor’s words. All of Biden’s “big” speeches are marked by dilated pupils. Since I did not believe that Biden was the antichrist, I researched what this might mean. Many studies can be easily linked to images of Biden talking.

Biden’s behavior can be attributed to a person suffering from moderately severe cognitive impairment, the fifth stage of Alzheimer’s disease. There are seven stages. Biden’s speech on Thursday night clearly showed signs of dementia, including inability to recall names, difficulties with organization, verbal repetition, mood changes, denial of symptoms and wandering.

Many who support him claim that those of us who believe he has dementia are simply viewing his words and actions through a lens of hatred. Maybe that’s the case. His physical symptoms also support this conclusion.

Biden’s pupils seem to be dilated. This is not the case in candid photos. It could be due to the darkness in the room, but that is unlikely. LSD and heroin can also cause this reaction, so it’s safe for Biden to have not taken acid before speaking.

There are other causes of dementia, including Alzheimer’s. According the National Institute of Health (NIH), pupil dilation can be a sign of Alzheimer’s. Many medications that treat Alzheimer’s such as Rivastigmine and antipsychotics cause dilation of the pupils.

Biden’s dilation is a sign that he has Alzheimer’s disease or is taking medication for it. Blurred eyesight is another side-effect, which may explain Biden’s wandering and his inability to remember where he is.

Biden’s mental decline can be seen in his eyes, not just by his words or actions. The eyes of a man who has lost direction and mental acuity.

Many doctors are serving in Congress. Both sides of the political spectrum should insist that Biden undergo further testing to determine his mental competency. All politicians should discuss the 25th Amendment, and remove Joe Biden.

Take a look at his eyes. These are the eyes a person without a brain, soul or both.