Conscience Gets Shocked Over What Pro-Hamas Protesters Did After Jewish Man Was Put Into Ambulance


Marks on the face of a Jewish man who died in a fight with a Pro Hamas protester were consistent with the belief that the bullhorn or megaphone used by witnesses was the cause of his death. Paul Kessler (69), a Jewish protester from Ventura County, died after hitting his head against a sidewalk. The protests had been held at the busy intersection on Sunday afternoon. The sheriff refused to identify the suspect. However, Internet sleuths identified a local professor whom witnesses believe was the person who got in a brawl with Kessler. A video shows that things got much worse.

On Sunday, Kessler was waving the Israeli flag with passion.

Ventura County Sheriff Jim Fryhoff gave a press conference on Tuesday in order to give more information about the incident. The incident is considered a homicide by the California state. Fryhoff and Kessler’s autopsy doctor said the 69-year-old man had facial marks that were consistent with a megaphone. Deputies could see Kessler and speak to him before his death, they said. Fryhoff refused to divulge any information about what the victim might have said. The investigation is ongoing. The stories of those who attended the protest were contradictory.

The sheriff stated that Ventura County deputies and Thousand Oaks Police drove past the protest, which appeared peaceful.

Fryhoff stated that they had stopped the suspect on Monday near his Moorpark home. Investigators searched the suspect’s home while they served that warrant. The sheriff confirmed they had another warrant for this search. There have been no arrests.

Internet users have identified the man who is believed to be the suspect. A college professor who is an ardent Muslim and posted a pro-Hamas video days after the attack on Israeli civilians on October 7 has been identified as the possible suspect.

Here is a video showing a deputy interrogating him after Kessler had been taken away in an emergency ambulance. Kessler was using his phone to record videos, and witnesses claimed that he used his bullhorn to try to stop Kessler from using it.

This is all abhorrent. I think that the situation got worse after Kessler died from his head injury.

The video below shows that the protest continued after the bloody attack. The pro-Hamas demonstrators continued to chant with bullhorns and mocked Kessler’s blood on a sidewalk.

Watch it for yourself

The person who recorded the video was disgusted. “This is what these Palestinian protesters give in respect,” he said.

A pro-Hamas demonstrator who appeared to be Kessler’s savior placed a sign under his head. She was then seen looking at the bloody sign and laughing.

This is the most monstrous thing I have ever seen.

The sheriff’s office is still attempting to determine if this was a crime motivated by hatred.