The Silent Power Brokers: How Billionaires Dictate the World’s Agenda


Why are so many false problems plaguing Western society today, from gender insanity and leftist lunacy to lockdowns and unnecessary wars?

Hanne Nabintu-Herland’s latest book “The Billionaire World” argues that the ultra-rich are the elite.

In short chapters, Herland – a historian of religions born in Africa and the founder of The Herland Report Scandinavia – traces the root of all the world’s problems to the billionaire class and their use of Marxist repression.

Although this may appear counterintuitive at first, Herland’s documents make several powerful arguments.

In the political arena, “The richest 0.01% have contributed 40% of campaign donations through corporate contributions.”

In short, “These mastodon private companies completely dominate our way of life, what we eat, drink, watch on TV, what we wear, and who we vote for.”

Little wonder that, no matter what happens in the world, and no matter how such developments are detrimental to the average person, the ultra-rich tend only to get richer. According to Herland, “82% of all wealth generated in 2017 went to the richest 1% among us, while the poorest world population of 3.7 billion saw no increase in wealth.”

But, it gets worse. There seems to be an inverse correlation between the amount of money that billionaires earn and the amount of money the average man makes.

Writes Herland:

The COVID-19 tragedy brought billions to the richest of us, while the poorest of the world fell into an unimaginable state. The billionaires made a lot of money with the shutdown strategy.

During this time, 48% of small business owners in America suffered severe economic turmoil. A third of them went bankrupt. Black-owned businesses were disproportionately affected by the lockdown.

According to a macro-historical perspective, the West has been slowly regressing and the ultra-rich have become “the globalist equivalent of feudal Lords” as a new Western slave class emerges under them. ”

How did this state of affairs ever come about? Marxism in all its forms and variations is Herland’s answer. Beginning with the “free drugs and sex” movement in the 1960s and the subsequent rise of Marxism in the form of godless materialism has infiltrated Western culture and corrupted and destroyed everything that made the West so great.

Writes Herland:

The Marxist assault on Western values of the past has undermined our culture’s very foundation, destroyed family and social stability, silenced free speech, and weakened the core of Western culture. This has made it easier for the billionaire elite to consolidate their power …. Combining strong private corporations with political socialist ideologies, has led to a radical groupthink in which people are expected to agree on the consensus. This is similar in nature to the National Socialism that was prevalent in Germany prior to and during World War II.

Vladimir Lenin, a Marx admirer, wrote once:

We should be prepared to use trickery, deception, breaking the law, and withholding or concealing truth …. It is possible and necessary for us to write in a way that creates hatred, revulsion, and scorn among the people toward those who do not agree with us.

It is not necessary to explain how these tactics dominate Western politics and discourse, especially in the media. The majority of them are owned by elites.

There is much more to recommend about Herland’s “Billionaire World.” Almost every pressing topic — including the politicization of science, the rise of (openly Marxist) groups such as Black Lives Matter, the global persecution of Christians, the stoking of racial tensions, and the rewriting of history — is connected to the overlooked role of the billionaire elites and their self-serving agendas.