Maya Kowalski Trial Sparks a Media Storm of Controversy and Neglect


Whoever is operating the pool camera in the Kowalski vs. Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital trial needs to be sanctioned. A thorough search of the Sarasota court docket did not find the application for media to cover the trial so it is unclear whether Court TV or Law&Crime network is running the camera. Either way, whichever one it is needs to be admonished harshly by the court.

The Kowalskis have sued Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital for medical malpractice, false imprisonment, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and other claims. My coverage of the trial can be found here.

If Maya Kowalski, 17, is present in the courtroom during the entire trial, the camera operators will focus on her, no matter what happens in court, such as Judge Hunter Carroll issuing rulings or witnesses giving testimony.

Court TV uses these clips for social media campaigns.

The focus of this exchange should have been on the attorney and the judge who were fighting. The entire argument continued while the audience was forced to look uncomfortably into the eyes of the victim.

The first few weeks weren’t as bad, especially since Maya was not in the courtroom every day, but this last week has been obnoxious to the point that YouTubers who are streaming the trial, myself included, have begun covering Maya’s face on our streams with memes because it is making the audience so uncomfortable. Not only is it an invasion of a minor’s personal space when she isn’t on the stand, but it makes it very difficult to follow who is testifying or speaking as the cameras refuse to focus on the arguments being made and instead zoom in for closeup shots of Maya or her father Jack.

Court TV and Law&Crime do not need to explain why they do this. They are in it to be salacious. They have been promoting JHACH’s side from the start, spreading fake news about Maya while publishing photos that they claim to mean something but don’t.

Maya’s a blonde, is that why? Why do their cameramen zoom in on Maya’s face and refuse to film? Is it that they don’t wish for the viewers to be able to focus on the JHACH defense, which is a complete disaster? (Psssst! Hey. Hey, folks! The American medical-industrial complex is falling apart right in front of us. This is something you should watch!

No matter what the outcome, the public is fully aware of JHACH’s failure to provide care for the Kowalskis during a crisis. We found out that they were more likely to investigate your child for “child abuse”, than to find out what was wrong. The Joint Commission and Department of Health investigated the hospital and found that there were unsafe and unsanitary conditions. They also found that patients had been mistreated due to a lack of communication. There were also hidden reports of patient deaths, unsafe oxygen tanks, and a culture of retaliation and retribution against whistleblowers.

JHACH is a dangerous place for families and children. Court TV or Law&Crime have not covered this story, despite the fact that it is a nuclear bomb that has hit one of the most respected medical names. Instead, the coverage has been focused on the 17-year-old girl’s facial expressions and her clothing. Be aware of those who help cover up institutional misfeasance. They are the enemies of the People.