Comer Teases About Bombshell News on Joe Biden Being Revealed


James Comer, the chair of the House Oversight Committee (R-KY), has some serious things to say about Joe Biden.

He has already sent a message to DOJ, telling them to wait until they see what the Committee will announce before indicting the son of the president. Comer has said that they will be releasing some important evidence on Wednesday. He said that members have been poring through bank documents and meeting with former colleagues and whistleblowers.

My message to the Department of Justice has been very clear. Comer said to Maria Bartiromo, “Sunday Morning Futures,” Do not indict Hunter Biden until Wednesday.

This is not only about the son of the president. It’s about the entire Biden Family, including the US President. We believe that there are many tips the IRS and DOJ do not know because they haven’t done as much digging into this case as we have.

According to the reports we are receiving, the charges that they have against Hunter Biden are nothing more than a slap. He continued, “It’s just a drop in a bucket.” “Wednesday will be an important day for the American public in that the facts are presented so they can learn the truth and the Department of Justice is able to finally do what it should have done many years ago.”

It has been reported that the DOJ will consider charges against Hunter Biden relating to gun and tax issues, but not the larger question of alleged influence-peddling in relation to the family’s foreign financial transactions. After they file charges, everyone will shut up and claim they cannot speak because of the investigation. This will make it difficult to address the larger issues.

Comer says they have much more than just that. He said, “We know what this family did.” The GOP plans to hold a Wednesday press conference with some of this information.

Comer claimed that the evidence implicates both of them in a much larger “pay-for-play” bribery scam. He talked about the new information that the whistleblower provided regarding a document that showed a bribery plan involving policy decisions and included “a precise description of how the criminal scheme was used as well as its goal.”

“We will present to the American public all of the information we have received so far in relation to bank records.” He said that he would reveal the many different LLCs and transactions which all the Biden family members received from our enemies around the globe. “We do not believe that this was a mere coincidence that these Biden family members received money from this web of LLCs into their personal bags.”

“We believe that this was done as a trade for something Vice President Biden, and now President Biden, would have done. This whistleblower will provide us with some crucial information. We’ve given them until the 10th of May to produce the document. So the ball is now in the FBI’s hands with regard to this whistleblower.”

Comer has subpoenaed a document that the whistleblower refers to.

Comer stated that “more and more evidence points towards Joe Biden”. “Obviously, Joe Biden is involved in this, despite that he lied about it to the American public, and despite that his press secretary lies about it.” We have already provided one wire totaling more than $1,000,000 to four members of the Biden family.

He continued, “Now, we’re going produce five additional Biden family, more countries and LLCs, as well as more bank accounts.” “This is much bigger than anybody could have predicted and it all points to Joe Biden.”

Bartiromo posed a question regarding a Memorandum of Understanding that Biden had signed in 2013, which allowed “hundreds” of Chinese companies to ignore U.S. Auditing Rules. She asked if this was the policy decision that the whistleblower had been referring to.

While Comer did not confirm this, he stated that Biden’s actions were another example of his putting China before America. The two also discussed how Biden canceled the “China Initiative,” a program that was designed to pursue people who stole our intellectual property and sent it back home to China. Comer stated that this was yet another decision that was terrible for national security.

Comer stated that “more and more evidence points towards Joe Biden.” He said that if the FBI refuses to hand over the document, he has a “Plan A” with Sen. Chuck Grassley.

The full interview is here.