New York City in Decay: Literal Crumbling Sparks Concerns


The signs of decay in the Big Apple have become endemic, and they are getting worse every day. We were all there when New York City was in squalor, crime, and poverty during the 1970s and 1980s. Then we witnessed the stunning turnaround that Rudy Giuliani achieved with his law and order, common sense policies. We’ve seen New York City rise from the dead once. Now, with the right leadership in place, it can do it again.

The recent events have, however, dashed our hopes. Leftist policies have driven out productive, sane people while bringing in criminals, lunatics, and illegal aliens to a level never seen before. All these headcases are sapping public funds while crucial services for a stable, safe society fall through the cracks. There are now more cracks in society than ever before.

This morning, the local NYC news featured a story that has become more common. Yellow caution tape was placed in front of an apartment building where debris had fallen from it. (I didn’t catch the second half); I am pretty sure it was BJ’s Wholesale Club but was unable to verify the exact location.

Three days ago, a woman in her 80s was sweeping the snow off her Brooklyn house when death fell from above. The New York Post reported that

Police said that a 74-year-old woman died outside her Brooklyn townhouse after bricks fell off and landed on her.

Dale Singer left the townhouse at Sixth Avenue and 54th Street, Sunset Park, around 12:30 pm on Tuesday.

Police said that as she was locking the door a large piece of concrete molding fell onto the woman’s head.

Singer was in critical condition when she was transported to Maimonides Hospital by FDNY medics. Authorities said that she was pronounced dead later.

Just before Christmas in the Bronx, a seven-story apartment building collapsed without apparent cause. CBS News New York reported:

The Bronx partial collapse of a building was described as a miracle by some.

CBS New York reported that the building, which is seven stories high and has dozens of apartments and commercial businesses on the ground floor and the top floors, collapsed at 3:30 pm.

Felix Vargas was working on a unit when his third-floor apartment called.

“My wife called.” Vargas replied, “She said that the building was moving.” “When I went downstairs to check the bedroom, it collapsed.”

The owner of a first-floor bodega told me in Spanish that he was able to leave just in time.

We heard a crack, and we were able to leave. “That’s when it all came tumbling,” Jason Castillo explained.

A second video shows the collapse of the building. Watch the New Yorker who is in the foreground casually look over his shoulder and continue on his way. You have to go to YouTube to see it.

Nothing new here. Another structural failure in the once-greatest City on Earth.

The news didn’t mention another building that fell earlier in the month, at least from what I could see:

The decay and failure in NYC is heartbreaking. The picture is getting dimmer with each passing day and the outlook is worse. It’s difficult to believe that New York can ever recover from its slow death. It’s more and more likely that New York will end up looking like Detroit or Springfield. Mass. It’s a ruinous, uninhabitable town that was once great.

Avoid progressivism like it’s the plague.