CNN Legal Analyst Exposes Four Ways Trump’s Conviction ‘Twisted the Law’


CNN Legal Analyst Elie Honig explained Friday in four points how the former president Donald Trump’s Thursday conviction “contradicted the law”.

In the full article published in New York Magazine, Honig backed up his analysis with these “undeniable facts”:

Judge donates to anti-Trump, anti-Biden political operation

District Attorney Alvin Bragg ran a campaign to prosecute Trump

Charges that push “the outer boundaries of the law” and “due process”

Bragg refused specifying what “another crime Trump committed” was. “And the judge refused to force them to pay up until right before the closing arguments.”

Honig called the case against Trump a “Frankenstein Case”, describing it as “ill-conceived and unjustified,” with “obscure and unprecedented” charges, which have never been filed “against anybody, for anything.”

This case was a ill-conceived and unjustified mess. He wrote that victory was a great deodorant but that a guilty verdict did not make everything right.

Many prosecutors have gotten convictions for cases that should never have been filed. It is not enough to say “but they won”, unless you are only concerned about “winning” now and don’t care about credibility or the consequences later.

The charges against Trump seem obscure and are almost entirely unheard of. In New York or Wyoming or anywhere else, no state prosecutor has ever accused anyone of a state crime for violating federal election laws. None. Ever. Even if you ignore the specifics of the election law, it is rare that the Manhattan DA brings a case where falsification of records of business is the sole charge.

The Manhattan DA employees have reportedly referred to this case as the “Zombie Case”, due to its various legal flaws, including its bizarre charge mechanism. It’s more accurately described as the Frankenstein Case. The ill-fitting pieces have been fashioned into a clunky, ugly but mostly functional contraption.

Joe Biden, the president of the United States, said that it was “reckless,” for his political opponent to say the verdict against Donald Trump was “rigged.” Biden also pointed out that Trump had tried to relocate the case from Manhattan to another location. Maggie Haberman, a New York Times reporter who was present at the jury selection, recalled that Manhattan jurors tended to lean left-wing more than other places.

“It’s reckless. It’s dangerous. Anyone who says this was rigged is irresponsible. Biden said that Trump was upset with the results.

Trump called the trial “a scam” on Friday, and promised to appeal the guilty verdict.

The Trump campaign reported Friday morning that Trump’s campaign had raised $34.8 from small dollar donors following a Manhattan jury finding him guilty Thursday. The small-dollar donation is significant because donors are able to give more than once.