Rudy Giuliani’s Shocking Mugshot Unveiled Amid Accusations in Arizona’s Electoral Scandal


New York Post reported that local authorities released the mugshot for former Republican New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani Monday in connection with his state charges indictment.

According to the New York Post, Giuliani has been indicted for charges relating to his alleged participation in efforts to reverse the results of the 2020 elections. Giuliani faces nine felony counts, including fraud and forgery. He celebrated his 80th Birthday in May. These charges are based on accusations that Giuliani made false claims about election fraud in Arizona, and pressed state legislators to change the results of the election. Joe Biden was declared the winner with approximately 10,000 votes.

The outlet reported that Giuliani is facing legal trouble as part of an investigation into a “fake-electors” scheme in which a group Trump supporters attempted to give Arizona’s 11 elector votes to the then-incumbent Donald Trump using names of fake electors. Giuliani was the 18th defendant to be served, and was officially served the documents only at his birthday party. A grand jury had indicted him in April, but he was not served the legal papers until then.

The outlet reported that Giuliani’s legal team condemned the charges as political motivated. They called him the “most effective federal prosecutor” in U.S. History and said he would be vindicated. Giuliani chose to represent himself and pleaded not-guilty to all charges during his remote arraignment. He also criticised the indictment, according to reports.

He said: “I consider the indictment a complete embarrassment for the American legal system.”

According to the New York Post, Giuliani was required to pay a $10,000 appearance bond as part of his booking and must return to court in 30 days. This case continues to draw significant media and public attention, particularly given Giuliani’s high-profile and the nature of the accusations against him.