The Biden Train Wreck Is All The Way Off The Rails Now


Joe Biden met with many governors of the United States to discuss the need for them to lead the fight against the COVID-19 omicron variant. Biden stated that there is no federal solution to COVID. This is solved at the state level. Umm, what? Sorry, I missed something. Joe Biden literally campaigned for a whole year, not just blaming Trump COVID, but also for the deaths it caused.

“It’s what it is because of who you are,” Biden said to Trump during their first debate about the COVID death rate. He insisted that “a lot of people died” and that a lot more would die if he got smarter and faster.

Biden stated that eight months have passed since the pandemic began. This was weeks before Donald Trump won the presidency. Old Joe went on another vacation. This is how serious he takes things.

This presidency is an inexplicable disaster. This guy is making Jimmy Carter look amazing. Biden would be being savaged daily by the mainstream media if it weren’t for the hacks who run the mainstream media. We’re instead still hearing deep dives about “Let’s Go Brandon”, almost every day.

This time of the year should be one filled with hope and renewal. However, there is not much to look forward to until next November. Between now and then, Team Biden could do a lot. Their wrecking-ball approach towards governing is threatening the foundations and strength of once strong Republic. Eleven months will likely feel like eleven years. We may not be saved by the election. No doubt, the Democrats will try to keep Covid panic high so that they can again play fast and loose in terms of election laws.

What I would give for a better economy, and maybe a few mean tweets.