CNN Claims It’s Looking to Moderate After Ratings Plummet


David Zaslav, Warner Bros. CEO. Discovery announced that CNN would be focusing its attention on “journalism” by moderating its content to appeal to all viewers.

According to the New York Post, the news network will be focused on straight news that appeals to both conservatives and liberals.

“Journalism first. America needs a news network that everyone can access. Republicans and Democrats alike, Zaslav stated at Allen & Co.’s “summer camp of billionaires” in Sun Valley. Idaho. CNN is showing more of this, I believe. We are not going to consider the ratings, but they will be more valuable in the long term.

From the very beginning, “Journalism first” should have been the network’s main focus. CNN has functioned as a leftist news organization while masquerading itself as a straight-news network for many years.

During the Trump administration, CNN’s ratings were very high. Why? It’s simple. CNN’s primary focus was on “orange man evil.” This was evident even in The Babylon Bee, which poked fun at CNN and called “Orange Man Bad” its slogan.

Since Trump’s departure, CNN’s ratings dropped by half. According to Fox News, the network has seen a decrease of 50% in viewers since Biden was elected president.

CNN tried to emulate the Walt Disney Company’s model by creating its own subscription service, CNN+, in March. It only lasted for one month before it was scrapped.

Due to its low ratings, the network has had to reduce its size. CNN announced plans to sell its Knoxville, Tennessee location: “Following an extensive evaluation, we have made our decision to sell Knoxville’s office building,” Gunnar Wiedenfels of Warner Bros. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Discovery’s CFO.

Can CNN moderate? Can they keep to the “straight news? Will they attract conservative viewers? If the network is to survive, it should hope so.