Christian University Says Transgenderism is Fundamental to Its Mission, Has Professors State Pronouns


A Catholic college located in Pennsylvania clearly defines its mission.

Villanova University has published a new guide for faculty and staff. This instruction also contains a section on gender inclusion.

This directive indicates a recent major change.

Villanova allows faculty, staff, and students to start entering their first names and personal pronouns into [the administrative system] beginning in spring 2022. The university will display your personal pronouns and first names that were chosen on all communications including class lists.

Let’s get on to moral management:

This guide shows Villanova faculty and staff how gender-inclusive they can be in their classrooms, workspaces, and labs. This guide is handy for students who are transgender, gender nonconforming, or gender nonconforming and people with gender-questioning identities.

This handbook answers important questions.

How do we create an inclusive work environment and teaching environment for women?

How do we encourage participation from people of all genders and reduce the negative effects of gender stereotyping, misgendering, and gender discrimination?

Society has advanced to a new level. It was just sex. The way one perceived and presented oneself was totally unrelated to the category.

It’d be like everybody was told to pick a geometric shape. Let me know if you are a rhombus. Each triangle should indicate if it is scaled or equilateral.

Villanova instead has given us “gender adaptation”.

Staff, please indicate your shapes

Help others and model an inclusive approach to gender.

Be intentional in how you address others. Use gender-inclusive language like “everyone”, “people”, or “folks”.

An employee is also required to include a Gender Inclusion statement in any new employee orientation materials or syllabus.

A syllabus should give students guidance on non-sexist pronouns. Be sure to explain the reasons you use gender-inclusive strategies.

Villanova believes the new category is academically sound.

In our diversity mission, gender inclusion is crucial. “We must create an academic environment that is open to all perspectives and encourage intercultural communication”. “We should also be sensitive to the diversity of human experience, whether it’s domestic or international. ”

This is an extraordinary evolution for a religious school. Faith is determinedly on the way to awakening.

What’s the purpose of Catholic colleges today? Villanova emphasizes a crucial element:

Remind yourself and others that Villanova is committed to gender inclusion.

This could mean that the school may update its history or science departments.