‘The U.S. Could Lose the Right To Vote Within Months’ Says Democrat Politician


Jena Griswold, Colorado’s Secretary-of-State, is a serious woman. Except when she gets too serious. Griswold was full-on panicked, with her hair on fire, and bat-guano nuts when she told The Guardian, a radical left newspaper, that Americans would lose their democracy if they didn’t vote for Democrats.

Any Republican who would dare to utter such absurdity would be laughed out the building. Griswold, however, was only echoing or parroting the line of the company that Democrats have been promoting for months: Our democracy is in trouble because Republicans hate gays, are trans-oppressing, and anti-female fascists.

They deny climate change, election results they don’t win and the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccinations. They must be repelled. They must be defeated. They must be destroyed.

Jena Griswold (Colorado’s secretary to state) warns anyone who will pay attention that free and fair elections are at stake in the United States’ midterm elections.

Republicans nominated candidates in many of the most competitive races to US election offices that have authority over US elections who have supported or echo Donald Trump’s 2020 stolen election myth.

Griswold is the chair of the Democratic Association of Secretaries of State and is up for re-election. He is urging Americans not to lose their democracy by paying attention to the once-sleepy down ballot contests for secretary of State.

Please define “election denier” as someone who disputes the outcome of an election. Does that include anyone with questions about the 2020 election in general?

There have been some strange claims by Republicans that certain state elections were “stolen.” But, what does this have to do about secretaries of state being elected on platforms that support election integrity?

So-called “election denier” candidates are winning primaries and will be elected in Nov. This is because Democrats have been too lenient about our elections, opening up the process to fraud by being too open-minded. American voters are very suspicious of their elections and won’t tolerate cheaters.

“What we can expect of the extreme Republicans running across the country is to undermine free, fair elections for the American People, strip Americans the right to vote and refuse to address security breaches, and be more beholden than the American people,” Griswold (37), said in an interview with The Guardian.

She said, “For us we are trying to save democracies.”

It is terrifying to think that she isn’t just saying those words. Griswold believes she is on a mission from God in order to save democracy. Because anything is better than Republicans winning, people on savior missions are able to justify any action they take.

Who do Republicans want to “strip” the vote? What security breaches have Republicans refused address? How are they going “undermine free, fair elections”?