The Michigan GOP Could Learn Something From Andrew Breitbart’s Unity Speech


It is now time for Michigan to get down to business.

Are you asking what business?

This business would work to get rid of Jennifer Granholm, the only governor to even consider trying to end the eight years of horror she spent leading the state. Gretchen deserves credit for taking on such an enormous task and in just four years doing nearly as much damage to Granholm in her eight-year tenure.

As I mentioned previously, the Michigan GOP has finalized their ticket with Tudor Dixon and Shane Hernandez at Saturday’s state convention. They are now ready to go. Michigan Republicans Choose Shane Hernandez, a Strong Conservative to Run for Lt. Governor.

This article…

After a difficult start to their meeting, the Michigan GOP decided yesterday that Tudor Dixon should run with Tudor Dixon against Whitmer’s mess. This is the beginning of a campaign to challenge the failures of the last four years and offer constructive suggestions for how we can improve the next four.

There are 70 days before the November 8th elections, so I am not ignorant of how difficult this job is. It is difficult to defeat any incumbent politician with a large war chest, even one with an awful record, like Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

In just four years, the Governor has failed to fix the roads as she promised. Instead, she has increased the state’s budget to historical levels. The COVID crisis was handled by her just as badly as any other Governor in the lower 48. This includes Andrew Cuomo, the ex-disgraced Guv. There was also the issue of private jets flying around while telling people back at home to stay in their homes and not leave while demanding that businesses close down.

Ahhhh, the memories.

With all this happening and some of the back and forth in the Michigan GOP, it is easy to recall a time ten years ago when many were unhappy with the state of the country. The two most prominent candidates on the GOP side to challenge President Barack Obama were Mitt Romney (Rick Santorum)

I can still hear the yawning or sobbing of that race.

Andrew Breitbart was the face of the Tea Party Movement a long time ago. He delivered a speech at CPAC 2012 which has been called the Unity Speech. I believe it is relevant to today’s Michigan GOP.

Breitbart provided the perfect counterbalance for the leftist bias that was presented every day by the mainstream media as truthful reporting. He was the first to know that Obama was being supported by the MSM. If he was to win, the best time to begin coalescing was February 2011, during the largest gathering of conservatives.

You can see the entire speech at the bottom of this blog post. Below is the quote about unity in the goal to defeat the Democratic candidate.

If you want a unity address, I will give one. I don’t care about who the candidate is, and I haven’t since the beginning. I don’t. Don’t ask the candidate what they can do for you. Ask what you can do to help the candidate. That’s why the tea party exists. We will confront them on behalf of our candidate. I will support our candidate, if not we lose.

It was flawless.

Yes, I admit that I have sat at home during elections without voting and I have also voted for third parties more times than I can remember. I am one of those rare Independent voters who decide elections. Since discovering my true superpower, I haven’t looked back.

But I also understand that great power comes with great responsibility. (Thanks, Uncle Ben!) And that it is important to know the right time and place for that power.

If Tudor Dixon and Gretchen Whitmer were unknown candidates, I can see people arguing about whether to vote for the third party or sit in this election. Because I might do it, I wouldn’t be making an argument for anyone not taking this action.

Gretchen Whitmer is a well-known candidate.

She is a well-known entity, and she is very bad for the Great Lake State in the same way that Godzilla is bad for Tokyo’s nuclear power plants. This universal truth about Gretch might surprise you.

This is for those who are members of the Republican Party and have made some very interesting and ridiculous excuses not to vote for the Republican ticket. I’ve been there, I can understand your frustration. However, this is not the right time to ignore your votes and pull your punches.

Today’s state situation is similar to what it was 10 years ago at the national level. The ballot included a well-known Democrat who had caused a lot of harm. This gave us the chance to join forces with the Republican ticket and defeat our opponent, and work together for the best possible outcome.

Andrew Breitbart’s speech to CPAC 2012 ten years ago was spot on. He spoke about uniting behind the GOP ticket, whatever it ended up being that year. He is still a great example of what it means to support the GOP ticket that can stop Big Gretch’s destruction in Michigan today.

Do the right thing, and you’ll feel better about Michigan and yourself for the next four years.