No Labels Party Makes Voting Exclusive with $100 Paywall


The No Labels Party, which has been swearing up and down on a stack of Bibles that they would not run a candidate for president unless they had a chance of winning is getting ready to field a candidate for president.

Whether they could win or not is apparently not the issue. But if you give the party $100, you can vote for the candidate of your choice at a nominating convention to be held sometime next spring.

The Associated Press received screenshots from internal documents of the party that discussed the idea. They were part of an internal survey that “explored” how No Labels would select candidates for a bipartisan unity ticket’ if a rematch in 2024 between President Joe Biden and Donald Trump was to occur.

No Labels’ chief strategist Ryan Clancy stated that the organization was focused on gaining ballot access. “We are still working out how to offer our ballot line for a Unity ticket. ”

No doubt the strategists were just playing around. The important takeaway is that the No Labels Party has been preparing to run a candidate for 2024, regardless of who they harm or help.

No Labels originally planned to release their candidate selection plans by October, but they have yet to do so. This survey offers a rare glimpse into the research and deliberations of a group that could have an impact on the election in 2024. No Labels in Arizona has registered almost 19,000 voters. That’s more than Biden won over Trump in the 2020 election. Democrats are concerned that a No Labels nominee would steal enough votes from Biden

The group asked in a survey, “What’s the fairest method to decide who can be nominated to the No Labels convention?” It gave four options: active participation “over a specified period” with No Labels. Another option was to donate $100 as a way of demonstrating “genuine commitment.” A signed pledge was also required in order to support the “policy priority and governing principle” of the group. One option was that “anyone can be a delegate” if chosen by the local No Labels chapter.

No Labels’ candidate will always hurt Biden. It is likely that the Republican candidate will be a moderate, such as Jon Huntsman (former Utah Governor), or Larry Hogan (former Maryland Governor).

The No Labels Party’s initial enthusiasm has faded. As we approach the 2024 election, their impact will likely be reduced.