China Pours Gas on the Fire by Accusing the U.S. of Multiple Violations


China is responding after several unidentified flying objects were shot down by the US military. They are all believed to have originated from China or to be aliens. The downing of a spy balloon off South Carolina’s coast was the first time that the balloon could cross the entire United States continental. At least three other objects foreign to the United States have been shot out of the skies since then, the most recent being the one over Lake Huron.

The original spy balloon was taken by the Chicoms, who sarcastically claimed that the US had destroyed it. However, the aftermath has been even more mysterious. China claimed that it had intercepted and destroyed a UFO over Rizhao on Sunday.

The communists now fuel the fire by accusing the United States, of at least 10 incursions into Chinese airspace using spy balloons since 2022.

This allegation is not to be believed for many reasons. Not least, because of the history of American subservience towards China, Joe Biden might have thought that the United States would attempt to provoke such an attack. Biden is bold. Given the likelihood of detection, there is little to no reason to believe that he would approve such an operation. I don’t believe the US has spy balloons at present, even though they have invested money in their development.

Timing is the biggest indicator that this is nonsense. For lack of a better term, the Chinese communists are loudmouths. They don’t allow any perceived or actual insult to go unchallenged, whether it is in writing or through their network of social media propagandists. It is a lie that 10 US spy balloons broke into Chinese airspace and that they didn’t shoot them down or that they didn’t mention it until now. If that had happened, the Chicoms almost certainly would have shouted it from high above the moment the first balloon was detected.

The President of the United States is absent completely from the situation, and this is not providing comfort to Americans who are worried about what is feeling a lot like a cold war. This is a time to show leadership and be decisive, and that’s not what the Biden administration has. This is probably the main reason China has been provocating. They see nothing to lose, but some chunks of metal.