Take a Break From Bad News With a Couple Cute Videos of Kids and Dads


There are many bad stories to be told. Biden is still president, even though he doesn’t know it. The Washington Post is a rubbish bin of nonsense. China launches more balloons in an attempt to get Joe to notice them before he goes to sleep. AOC is still in Congress. The border is open and inflation is increasing everyone’s costs.

Now is the right time to have some Saturday laughter and fun. First, be aware that this is not something you should do at home. This could cause permanent scarring for your child.

This video is hilarious. Every man should grow out his beard at one point in his life. My oldest son, however, has a great beard. My beard was only an inch long, so I never got a “who is that?” reaction from my kids when I finally shaved it.

For those who are still wearing COVID diapers, you might consider taking them off so your children don’t recognize you.