Actor Idris Elba Under Fire From Left for Rejecting Black Actor Label


Idris Elba, an actor well-known, said that he doesn’t want to be called a “black actor” anymore and that he wants all his talents to be acknowledged.

Elba said, “Race is a central part of our culture”. “This obsession can lead to people being unable to see the world as it really is. ”

While many believe Elba is worthy of applauding for his comments, they are being criticized by the identity-obsessed right.

“There’s an innocuous way that Black folks in Hollywood like Idris, Terry Crews, etc—play the ‘good colorblind negro’ to have individual success,” tweeted screenwriter Kellee Terrell. “Meanwhile, Black folks like Gina, Gabrielle, John Boyega, etc, reject that bulls*** to ensure Communal Success.”

Black directors and studios define black actors regardless of whether he wants to be labeled as a black actor or not. Ameshia Cross is a Democrat strategist. While I can see where he’s going, he took a risky route.

Dangerous path? Really? How sad.

Elba reacted to criticisms via social media by going double-down.

Saturday’s tweet from him read, “There’s no one on the planet that can ask me whether I consider myself a BLACK MAN.” Acting is a profession. “Acting is a profession, just like architecture. ”

Too many people who are left tend to see race as something negative.