Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Insults Italians in Epic, Obscene Rant


After an offensive and insulting attack against Lori Lightfoot, a former Chicago Park District attorney is seeking damages from the Mayor.

Lightfoot had requested that the Christopher Columbus statue in Arrigo Park be removed from protests in 2020. This was done by the Park District. They were in negotiations with the Joint Civic Committee of Italian-Americans for the Columbus statue to be displayed at the annual Columbus Day parade. Although the statue was not displayed at the Chicago parade, it did make an appearance during a suburban event.

Ron Onesti, the president of this Italian-American group was present at the negotiations with two park district attorneys, former deputy general counsel George Smyrniotis, and park district general counsel Timothy King.

Lightfoot was invited to the call. Lightfoot was quoted in the lawsuit as saying, “You d’ks, what the F-k were you thinking?”

Lightfoot then accused King and Smyrniotis, according to the lawsuit. They were accused of making “some sort of secret agreement with Italians”. My dK is larger than yours and that of the Italians. I am the Chicago Police Officer with the largest d-k.

According to the lawsuit, Smyrniotis claimed that the mayor defamed him personally by making “rude and insulting, false, or disrespectful statements” about his inability to “perform his job duties”. He also asked: “Where did your law school go?” Are you even a graduate of law school? Are you actually licensed to practice law?

Lightfoot clearly attended a Marquis de Sade management seminar. My money is on Lori for having the largest penis in Chicago. Or at least the largest in City Hall.

Lightfoot’s outburst left Mr. Onesti bewildered.

“I am literally stunned. Despite her past behavior, it’s hard to believe that she would speak like this to her lawyers. Onesti asked, “How do you talk to anyone this way?”

“It’s offensive. Chicagoans are first. This is our mayor. Our mayor speaks in that manner about her constituency. That’s how it is about an ethnic group. A very large ethnic group. It is not appropriate to refer to an ethnic group in such vulgar terms. In a time where sensitivity is at an all-time high. It’s not possible to stub your toe on the curb and then call it a name. Here’s a sample of the people. . . Not only does it bring in demeaning comments about an ethnic group, but also vulgarities. It’s a shock. . . It’s embarrassing, and it’s insensitive.

Lightfoot is in trouble politically due to Chicago’s unlivability during her tenure. The opposition has not yet united behind a single Democratic candidate. Chicagoans will have to endure four more years of this crap if they don’t.