Chicago Cracks Down: Migrant Buses Impounded Under Tough New Law


Chicago is fed up with the caravan of illegal immigrants that Texas Governor Greg Abbott has sent to northern cities. The city council has passed strict measures to prevent “rogue” buses that do not follow a schedule from dumping migrants into the city. The city council has begun to enforce these measures.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the new law required that drop-offs occur between 8 am and 5:30 pm on weekdays. The city also restricted bus arrivals to two per hour.

Abbott told ABC News’ “Nightline,” in an interview a year earlier, that Texas and Arizona were the ones who suffered the most from the chaos. “Now, the rest of America understands exactly what is happening.”

That’s it. The northern cities not only ignored the crisis at the borders, but they also boasted about their superiority because they had the label of “sanctuary cities”.

Abbott almost single-handedly caused rifts within the Democratic Party on the issue of immigration. Brendan Steinhauser explains why the Democratic Party is divided. He is a Texas Republican strategist and a Texas State Guard member.

Steinhauser, speaking of the struggles of the northern states about migrant influxes, said that “you’re seeing some blowback from communities who feel that they’re now in competition for resources and competing for services with them.” “It is now hitting the Democratic Party in a Democratic city and creating a rift within the Democratic Party.”

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker and Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson are not speaking anymore after Pritzker scuttled Johnson’s plans to build a tent community on Chicago’s West Side. Pritzker’s EPA said it was a toxic dump. The city claimed the site was safe. Johnson is still housing thousands of illegal immigrants as Chico’s temperature plummets to below freezing.

Johnson and the City Council want to stop the caravans of buses that Greg Abbott sends from the border.

Cristina Pacione Zayas is the deputy chief of staff for Mayor Brandan Johnson. She said that Wednesday’s new penalties are “an increase”. She said that all recent buses carrying migrants violated the November policies by failing to get the required approvals before arrival. She added that the owners of buses have been notified to appear before a court to receive fines.

She said, “Since the original ordinance was passed, every bus in existence has been in violation. This is because no one filled out an online application for a permit at least 48 hours before it needed to be approved.”

A spokesperson for the Chicago Department of Transportation confirmed on Thursday that it had not received any requests from intercity buses operating without a schedule.

Could bus companies have been unaware of the penalties? Maybe they don’t think the city will take their buses. The bus companies will no doubt challenge this in court and have a very strong case. Why only target buses coming from the border area? Why not make all buses get permits to enter the city, and designate specific drop-off locations for them?

The deputy chief of staff for the mayor said that the new penalties are meant to increase safety for migrants arriving in Chicago. She refused to speculate on how the new policy would affect the number of buses and migrants arriving in Chicago.

Pacione Zayas stated, “It is so difficult to tell since it’s a fluid situation.” “We don’t control what happens at the borders.”

Nobody has any control over what happens on the border. This is the point. Abbott will continue to send busloads of illegals up north, as long as Biden won’t act on border security.

This means more buses in Chicago, New York, and other northern cities.