Delaware Rep. and Harris Exchange Words at Holiday Party Over Israel Policy


Democrats may be in a lot of trouble in 2024. Unless they play dirty again, they may not be able to count on transforming the nation into a socialist internationalist dystopia as quickly and easily as they had hoped to do. The Biden regime’s far-left base is enraged over Old Joe and his henchmen continuing to profess support for Israel, as increasingly hollow as that support is. And now a hard-left Delaware state representative has gone so far as to shout down Vice President Kamala Harris at the vice president’s holiday party for failing to prevent Israel from defending itself.

The New York Post reported that Harris was “momentarily shouted down” during a holiday party at her home by a Democratic state lawmaker. Harris was entertaining a group of Democrat officials with Second Guy Doug Emhoff when she said that she wasn’t overawed by the presence of our first female vice president. She began screaming at the Vice President.

Wilson-Anton yelled, “Madam Vice President, I am from Delaware.”

Wilson-Anton’s outburst revealed her ignorance of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. This year, there will not be any Christmas celebrations in Bethlehem. Bethlehem officials canceled the celebrations “in honor of and solidarity with our Palestinian people”. Bethlehem is in Judea-Samaria, not Gaza. Wilson-Anton’s cry “Baby Jesus under the rubble” may have been a rhetorical flourish that he thought was clever but it rang hollow.

Harris was unmoved. She responded to Wilson Anton as if it were a teacher lecturing to a second grader who would not listen. This incident brought an end to the discontent in her party, but it also showed the fragility of the Democratic coalition. Nihad Awad a Hamas-affiliated Council on American-Islamic Relations member who said he was “happy’ about the Hamas attacks in Israel on October 7, had threatened to cut off Muslim backing for the Biden Administration for four more years. “The language that President Biden understands will be used for the 2023 elections and our message is no cease-fire means no votes.” “No votes in Michigan, Arizona,  Georgia,  Nevada, Wisconsin, or Pennsylvania. ”

Awad concluded that “you won’t receive any votes if don’t immediately call for a cease-fire.” Rashida Tlaib said, “The American people will not forget.” Biden, you need to support a ceasefire now. ”

Theatrics by Madinah Wilson-Antons at Kamala Harris’ party made this point even more clear. Old Joe, The Cackler, and the other far-leftists cannot count on their support if they don’t withdraw their support for Israel unambiguously. It would cause problems for other members of the coalition.

The Democrat establishment believes that this is a phony statement and is pushing Biden to put more pressure on Israel. He is repeating Hamas propaganda, warning Israel to reduce civilian deaths. The number of civilians killed in Gaza is less than in other recent conflicts, such as the battle of Mosul against ISIS.

Wilson Awad and Tlaib won’t be placated. Biden’s regime will continue putting pressure on Israel.