Cheney Has Tapped Koch Network and Some Trump Consultants in Potential Run for the Presidency


Ex-Rep. Liz Cheney will soon be running for president against Donald Trump in 2024. She is serious. Not only has she raised a lot of money, but also has tapped into top-tier Republicans as her advisors and consultants.

Cheney uses i360, a data and technology company owned by Charles Koch Industries as her service provider. Cheney also has benefited from the expertise and support of several GOP consultants. They have chosen to remain anonymous because they are not subject to any liability.

According to The New York Times Jeff Miller, a lobbyist who is a friend of Kevin McCarthy has warned vendors not to work with Cheney’s employees.

Two PACs, Conservatives For A Strong America and Wyomingites Defending Freedom and Democracy, paid i360 to help them deploy pro-Cheney ads through text messages. Axios reported that Julia Griswold Dailer, an ex-aide to Trump White House, is the leader for Wyomingites Defending Freedom and Democracy. She did not respond to a request for comment.

Americans for Prosperity, partially funded by Charles Koch, paid $11 million to i360 for data services, according to its 2020 tax disclosure.

Koch didn’t support Trump during his 2016 or 2020 campaign, but his political network supported key Trump initiatives like tax cuts and reducing regulations.

Vendors and consultants who work with Cheney are at great risk due to his propensity for revenge. Many of the former Trump consultants and vendors are trying to hide their identities.

Although the company doesn’t appear to have a website yet, Virginia business records show that Red Right Media is an alternative title for X/Roads Communications. According to state business records, Mike Dubke is the management of X/Roads Communications. Dubke, a veteran Republican strategist, was once the White House’s communications director. Financial disclosures reveal that Dubke was a managing partner of X/Roads Communications before he assumed the White House communications role.

Cheney could run for president if she was not able to stop Trump winning.