California’s AG Launches Full-Scale Assault on Parents’ Rights


The Chino Valley Unified Schools District’s (CVUSD) new policy, which requires educators to inform parents when a child shows signs of wanting to “transition” to the other gender, is still at the center of controversy. Progressives in the Golden State and elsewhere believe parents should not be informed if they suspect their child has symptoms associated with gender dysphoria.

Gavin Newsom has issued threat after threat in an attempt to force the district to conform to progressive gender ideologies. Now, even the state’s attorney general is ready to act.

Tony Thurmond, State Superintendent of Public Instruction tried to disrupt the proceedings. Thurmond was summarily ejected for disrupting the board meeting. He presided over an education decline of two years and tried to hide his apparent incompetence.

Sonja Shaw (the newly elected chair of the board) asked the angry crowd for respect towards Thurmond. When the superintendent tried to continue his speech after it had ended, he escalated matters. Thurmond wasn’t happy when Shaw refused to let him make a motion to order.

The board voted for the policy and sent a big middle finger to Newsom & Bonta. Shaw received death threats in one case.

Bonta isn’t giving up. On August 4, he announced that he would launch a civil-rights investigation into CVUSD’s gender policy. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s true. According to this official, forcing teachers to inform parents of mental health concerns about their child’s education can be considered a violation of civil rights.

Bonta’s latest move shows that progressives have intensified their efforts to force gender ideologies on K-12 school districts, even if parents do not want them. It appears this is a move designed to intimidate any school board members who might dare challenge the California government’s orders. Some powerful people are trying to discourage others from opposing the progressive gender agenda.

The situation in question raises several questions.

First of all, whose civil rights are Bonta attempting to protect? It’s not the parents’ right who sent their kids to government schools that are at issue. Bonta clearly believes in the leftist view that children do not belong to anyone, but to the government. Bonta’s actions are an attempt by the government to gain more control over the children under the pretext of protecting civil liberties.

Next, there is the intimidation factor. California wants to intimidate board members into following the program. They also want to silence parents who are against it at board meetings. In May, California Senate passed a law that allows authorities to charge parents with protesting the policy.

SB 596 has been passed by the California State Senate. The California State Senate passed SB 596 on May 30th, 2008.

Now, the bill is on the floor in California’s lower assembly chamber. The bill would expand the definition of “school employee” to include employees or officials from school districts, charter schools, and county or state education offices or boards.

A proposed bill would make it a crime to cause a “substantial disruption” at a school board meeting.

Parents who are convicted under this law could face a $1,000 fine or up to a year of prison. Let me say it clearly: If law enforcement thinks that parents disrupt school board meetings, legislators want to lock them in jail and demand money.

There is no official definition of “substantial disorder”. The word was deliberately ambiguous to give progressives the opportunity to manipulate state policy to further their gender ideology agenda.

CCVUSD is showing that they are willing to stand up to one of the most authoritarian and progressive states in the United States.