Woody Harrelson’s RFK Jr. Hat Sends Hollywood Liberals Into a Tailspin


It’s so funny when liberals start arguing with each other about not being left-wing enough. It’s also worth wondering if liberals will ever realize that conservatives laugh at them for being too left-wing. All Americans are entitled to believe whatever they want, whether it is good or bad. In a city like Hollywood, you can make a living by pretending. It seems that the rights of the average American stop there. Woody Harrelson, the actor who does not follow Hollywood liberals, is the latest victim.

Leftie Hollywood heads exploded when actress Cheryl Hines, from “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, posted a photo of Harrelson in a “Kennedy 2024′ hat on Instagram. Hines captioned the picture, “Great to see you, Woody.” She is Mrs. Robert Kennedy Jr. Harrelson’s anger towards leftists is due to #friends#hats#rfkjr. Robert Kennedy Jr. was also a vocal skeptic of COVID-19 pandemic protocols. He had previously been an opponent of childhood vaccinations, and he supported many liberal causes. Harrelson did not seem to be aware of his “incorrect” views about COVID.

Harrelson X fans seemed to be upset about his guest hosting role on “Saturday Night Live”, where he talked about COVID mandates in the opening monologue. Harrelson’s roast of COVID restrictions sounded like a pitch for a 2019 movie he received and said:

So, the story goes: The world’s biggest drug cartels buy all of the media and politicians to force everyone in the entire world to remain locked up in their homes. The only way people can come out is if they keep taking the drugs of the cartel. I threw away the script. Who was going to buy that crazy idea? Forced to take drugs? I do it all day.

Tinseltown lefties were thrown into a tizzy when Harrelson backed Robert Kennedy Jr., instead of Joe Biden who was “approved by Hollywood”. Andrew Kimmel, the senior producer of “Shark Tank,” was in mourning when Harrelson, thinking for himself, said, “We Lost Woody.” Did Woody sign up for anything at all? A person named “Liberal Lisa from Oklahoma,” who has been identified as a “influencer,” said: “It is official.” Now this. After his s— SNL monologue on Covid. Woody Harrelson has died to me.” Harrelson must be heartbroken by Liberal Lisa’s view that he is no longer alive.

Liberals are huge fans of the cancel culture because they cannot handle opposing views. Angela Belcamino, a prolific X user, responded to Harrelson by saying “Woody Harrelson has just canceled.” This sounds more like a warning than a statement. Devin Duke, a Democrat strategist for social media, is a skeptic. He seems to think that science isn’t about questioning. He said, “It is a shame Woody Harrelson revealed himself as an anti-science quack.” Claude Taylor, a former Bill Clinton employee, decided to take the snarky route and say, “So disappointing.” It’s a good reminder that actors aren’t role models.

Hollywood is a tough place to be, but it’s even harder if people know that you’re a Republican. Woody Harrelson is not a conservative at heart, but his support of Kennedy may give him a taste. Antonio Sabato Jr. and Tim Allen, who are all household names, have told stories about losing work and agents. They even had successful shows canceled if they were Trump supporters. Sabato says crew members of a film he directed warned him that they would lose future work if they used a false name. Roseanne Barr has made a comeback after being fired for an offensive tweet in 2005. She had to endure the wrath and political correctness of Hollywood’s woke group thinkers and political correctness. She described the toxic Hollywood culture as “a witch-burning.” They denied me my right to apologize.

If Woody Harrelson were to campaign for Robert Kennedy Jr. we could be in for some more liberal comedy gold.