5 Ways Joe Biden Made the COVID Pandemic Worse


Mainstream media worked tirelessly to make the story that Donald Trump hadn’t responded to COVID. It’s actually getting worse. Joe Biden is to blame. These are five examples of Biden’s contribution to the pandemic’s worsening.

The J&J Pause

The COVID vaccines have been an important tool in the fight against the disease. Biden had hoped that 70% of eligible Americans would have been vaccinated by Independence Day. However, Biden’s administration ended the Johnson & Johnson vaccine distribution. These people are not able to do cost-benefit analyses. They make errors of an order of magnitude. ”

He was right. The pause led to distrust in all three vaccinations. While the omicron vaccine does not seem to care about vaccination status, it can help lower symptoms and hospitalizations.

Open borders
Joe Biden’s immigration crisis was despite his promises to “shut down the virus”. They weren’t tested for COVID and were allowed into the country’s interior with no knowledge of their COVID status.

How many cases of COVID could it have been attributed to illegal immigrants who flooded across a border? Texas Governor Greg Abbott stated that the Biden administration actively covered up illegal immigration with COVID.

One thing’s certain: Biden was more concerned with letting illegal immigrants in the country than about protecting American citizens from COVID.

A shortage of national tests
As the demand for COVID testing is growing, people are waiting in line to get one. Although the demand is high, it’s difficult to find one. Democrats accused Trump of failing to provide enough COVID testing for 2020. Joe Biden also joined the fray. Curiously the CDC seems like it is trying to downplay the importance of testing.

Contraproductive mandates
After widespread distrust of vaccines, Joe Biden decided to impose a federal vaccine mandate on all private companies employing over 100 people.

Biden’s divisional rhetoric toward those who refuse to get vaccinated is not helpful.

Senator Roger Marshall (M.D.) states that Americans only have limited access to therapeutics.

Marshall claims that the Biden administration should’ve established an Operation Warp Speed strategy to develop, manufacture, and distribute therapeutics. Marshall points out, however, that the Biden administration failed to establish an Operation Warp Speed strategy for the development, manufacturing and distribution of therapeutics.

“Medications less than $100 can often prevent ICU visits or hospitalizations. Marshall stated that doctors should have the ability to use therapeutics along with anti-inflammatories, steroids and steroids.

He stated that the Biden administration has never been focused on natural immunity, testing, or therapy. These are all vital for many people. However, it is better to focus on mandatory vaccines and masking.