Backfire: Biden’s Attempt to Deter Iran from Attacking Israel Mocked as ‘So Much for Don’t’


President Biden has been criticized and ridiculed for his failure to stop Iran from attacking Israel on Sunday.

Biden did not warn Iran of any consequences before the attack. He simply said “Don’t” without offering any warnings. Mike Pompeo, the former Secretary of State, condemned this move on Friday. This was just a few hours before Iran ignored Biden’s warning and launched 300 missiles and drones at Israel.

Pompeo stated at the time, “Well he has said no multiple times. No is not a national policy.” “It is not even a means of deterrence.”

In a Saturday follow-up, he said: “So much for Don’t.”

He added, “When your Secretary declares nearly moral equivalence, between evil, our ally Israel, and good, Israel, you have bad guys doing destruction.” “I, Susan, and my military warriors are praying for Israel and the people in the Middle East.”

Former U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman took a similar tone but also went after Biden for granting Iran sanctions relief.

Biden said “Don’t” to Hezbollah, Iran, and other terrorist groups about six months ago. Since then, Hezbollah has continued to attack Israel every day, and almost 100,000 Israelis are displaced from their homes, with no indication of when they will be returning. Iran has also received $26 billion as sanctions relief, while the US carrier strike force has sailed off. “The US policy is weak, confusing, and unproductive here,” he said.