Disney’s Last Stand Crumbles in Defeat Against Florida Governor DeSantis’ Total Victory


Gov. Ron DeSantis celebrated a victory on Wednesday after Disney’s last-ditch lawsuit against him was dismissed in federal court.

The judge dismissed the much-hyped action against the governor on the basis of a lack of standing and that the plaintiff failed to state an issue. The victory over “The Mouse” is now complete.

DeSantis won every step, even though his right-wing critics boasted about how this lawsuit showed that the governor “lost” to Mickey Mouse. This was a ridiculous lawsuit, and there was a good chance that the case would fail.

I won’t name them because I don’t wish to make them public, but some “influencers” on the right who supported another candidate during the primary campaign spent a great deal of time blaming Disney for DeSantis’ defeat. Then they should apologize and open their mouths once more.

Nikki Haley should update her comments as well. She invited Disney to relocate to South Carolina, instead of siding with the most conservative, successful Republican Governor in decades. It was, in my view, a low point for her. I’ll just leave it there.

It doesn’t matter, winning sometimes takes time. A politician being sued is not a sign of a defeat. This simply means that there is more work to be done. Disney is now at a loss for what to do. Disney has already lost their battle for the special district. Despite all the false claims made that this would result in higher taxes for normal residents, the outcome is exactly as DeSantis predicted.

It’s not that I don’t feel a bit irritated about it. Republicans have had very few wins in the past half-decade. It was shocking to see people who claimed to be allies take Disney’s side and trash DeSantis out of political petty conceit. It was never supposed to happen, and those responsible for it deserve to be treated less seriously the next time.