Arctic Ice Reaches Two-Decade High Amid Global Warming Concerns


Climate alarmists have been claiming for years that global warming is causing the Arctic to lose its ice. However, new data indicates that Arctic ice is increasing!

Climate change has always been happening and will continue until the real apocalypse. (Not the fake one that climate alarmists claim to be imminent). You’d expect that doomsday prophets, with more than fifty years of climate change predictions failing and a record of total and consistent untrustworthiness behind them, would have given up. Climate change is also a convenient tool for those who want to enrich themselves, like former Vice President Al Gore, and power-hungry politicians who wish to restrict rights and freedoms while claiming it to be a moral or physical necessity.

Climate Change Dispatch also provides graphs and data reports.

Scientists who claim that it is the hottest year ever recorded are wrong. Arctic sea ice has reached its highest level in 21 years.

The readings for this year, up until January 8, have now exceeded the averages for the years 2011-2021, 2001-2010, and 1991-2000.

This season has seen the most extent since 2003 (21 years ago).

By the way, this isn’t a first-hand example of a scam. In July, I published data that debunked such hyperbolic statements.

It’s interesting to note that the data from last year showed an eight-year cooling trend, rather than a warming trend. In this part of the winter, I would welcome a bit of warming. However, many Americans are facing a brutal cold snap. It’s certainly not encouraging to learn that certain entities, including our federal government, are attempting to geoengineer the weather to supposedly prevent global warming. The entities that want to lower global temperatures are ignoring the fact that there is no imminent threat of a world in flames or an ice-free Arctic.

The real threat to us is not climate change; it’s the leftist ideologues with the power to weaponize pseudo-scientific propagandist propaganda against us.