Bill Maher Says FBI Raid ‘Saving Trump Politically’


There are many questions and answers after the FBI raid at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago, Florida home. Virtually all the questions raise serious doubts about the integrity and objectivity of the FBI and Biden administrations.

Even Bill Maher, a hardcore leftist, sees the raid in Trump’s favor.

Maher insists on Real Time with Bill Maher that “His fortune was finally falling.” “The Big Lie was losing momentum. DeSantis was leading him in polls — who does this hate more than anyone? DeSantis.”

Although DeSantis did beat Trump in some straw polls in 2024, Trump still leads in all Republican match-ups. Trump was not in danger of losing his political capital. Maher’s admission that the raid was helping Trump politically is still a truth. Maher may not admit it, but it seems like the Biden administration was using its power to target Trump just as the Obama administration did before. Yes, it will help Trump politically. Perhaps more important, it will energize Republicans to vote in the next midterm elections.