Footage of John Fetterman Reveals a Man Who Is Not Alright


After years of neglecting his doctor and suffering a stroke, John Fetterman, a Pennsylvania Democrat, finally “returned to the campaign trail.” The “return” was a lot like box-checking by the senator candidate.

Fetterman appeared in a controlled environment for only 11 minutes. He was wearing a summer hoodie and his wife accompanied him. The first footage from the event is now available. It shows a man who isn’t alright.

Fetterman, who is currently facing Republican Mehmet Oz, appeared to be completely out of it throughout his short remarks before returning to his extremely generic remarks. This is almost certain to be a remnant from the stroke, and something the Democrat has not been willing to share. He’s kept his social media persona, which was carefully created by staffers to make him seem quick-witted, funny, and witty, until now. However, what was displayed on the stage was far from that.

Fetterman has a problem with this because his whole campaign is based on an image that’s not real. The facade is now gone and voters will see him as the awkward, unhealthy, radical man he is.

It’s no wonder Fetterman refuses to participate in any debates. Imagine that guy standing on stage for over two hours, and then walking off still believing he is fit enough to become a US senator. He is clearly in pain from stroke-related brain damage, and he doesn’t seem articulate or engaging. It’s even worse that he is spewing left-wing talking points that sound like something he got from a marginal Twitter account. Are Pennsylvanians ready to abolish the filibuster Are they looking for a man who will be willing to do whatever Joe Biden or Chuck Schumer asks?

This is a question that will be answered in November. But for the first time ever in this race, we can see what’s true. Fetterman is a poor candidate, with serious health problems. He has no business being in this race. In an environment where COVID-19 doesn’t provide an all-encompassing excuse for staying out of the public eye, Fetterman’s basement campaign strategy is not sustainable. He will soon be exposed as a fraudster and will have to engage in a lengthy debate. Things could turn very ugly when that happens.

Many Republicans are down on Oz as a candidate but that’s not my view. The last two cycles of Senate polling have been notoriously bad and biased in favor of Democrats (something I recently documented). We don’t know where the race is at all. It is time to make Fetterman face a serious challenge.