Biden’s Top China Adviser Out At White House After Balloon Debacle


According to Bloomberg, Laura Rosenberger, President Joe Biden’s top advisor on matters related China and Taiwan will resign in March. White House officials were quoted as saying that Bloomberg reported Wednesday.

Rosenberger is a senior director on National Security Council and a special assistant to President Obama. She has steered the president through Washington’s growing tensions with Beijing. Rosenberger will finish her term as the Trump administration deals with the fallout from the downing of a Chinese spy ball in American coastal waters. Officials told Bloomberg that Rosenberger’s plans for stepping down came before the balloon invaded U.S. airspace. This raised bipartisan concerns in Congress about the security implications.

According to Jake Sullivan, National Security Advisor, “Under President Biden we are more ready than ever to outcompete China” and promote a free and open Indo-Pacific,” Bloomberg reported. “Laura’s skillful diplomacy, tenacity, and determination have been vital to this administration priority since the very beginning of the administration. We are extremely grateful for their service.”

According to White House officials, Rosenberger was involved in strengthening the U.S.’ informal ties with Taiwan.

Bloomberg reported that Sarah Beran from the State Department, who was previously the director of the agency’s Office of Chinese and Mongolian Affairs will replace Rosenberger. Rush Doshi (NSC’s China director) will be the deputy.

Bloomberg reports that Eric Green, NSC’s senior director in Russia and Central Asia at the NSC, was confirmed by the White House on February.