Media Frames as Racist a Shock Poll Showing NFL Losing Huge Number of Fans


Los Angeles hosts the Big Game on Sunday between the L.A. Rams & Cincinnati Bengals at SoFi stadium. The Big Game will be played at SoFi stadium. The Times poll asked about NFL attitudes from five years ago to now. It was five years ago. Let’s think.

Colin Kaepernick, a 49ers teammate, and Eric Reid, a 49ers player, began kneeling during the National Anthem five years ago. They believed that the country was not worthy of honor. Kaepernick wore socks that depicted police officers as pigs.

Kaepernick wanted to communicate the notion that police were deliberately hunting black men to commit murder. Black Lives Matter gained immense popularity.

The league has since fallen apart to show that it is awake enough to win the approval of the BLM crowd.

According to the poll, more than a third of respondents have lost interest in the league over the past five years. The woke league has been embraced by 38% and 29% respectively of men and women. The majority of polled people watched fewer games this season. However, 52% plan to see the big game on Sunday.

The poll then asked the question: “Do you think that the NFL has done too little, just enough, and not enough to show respect for black players?

Notice that 22% of those polled believe the NFL failed to show “respect” to 75% of its black members. In the publicly available internal numbers, there is no breakdown by political party. We are not permitted to view the cross tabs. The LA Times chose this headline to promote the poll: “Many Republicans believe the NFL does too little for Black players, and are losing interest with the league, poll shows.”

There you are. The Times attributed this decreased interest in the NFL to the anti-American messages and anti-police messages. But, it was tied to the skin color of the players. The story’s feature photo features Mike Tomlin (coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers), who is actually black.

Survey Monkey poll results show that 45% of Republicans believe the NFL has done too much to support Black athletes, while 57% percent of Democrats think it has done enough. You’ll notice that the language has changed from “to respect” for “support” black players. The pollster did not show their work.

It is obvious that Republicans would be more offended by a game than Democrats, given the circumstances. The Democrats supported the BLM and Antifa Riots following George Floyd’s murder in police custody, while the GOP and conservatives condemned the violence and generally support the police.

Kaepernick, Reid, and others settled a lawsuit against the NFL just a few days back. Reid had been working since the beginning. Kaepernick left his job with the 49ers, and no other team hired Reid. However, he has had some tryouts.

Although the terms of the settlement remain secret, the message is clear: The players received payment for calling the league racist colluders.

A related issue is that the poll found that the requirement to show a vaccination card and wear a mask to view the game in person in L.A. is a significant disincentive to going.

The vast majority of them say that their plans to see the game have not changed because of the pandemic. They are watching the game at home, or from a friend’s place. Local autocratic rules are not applicable.