Biden’s America: Secret Service Agent Robbed Amid President’s California Trip


How can you tell that crime has really increased under Joe Biden’s leadership? Even his Secret Service agents are affected.

At gunpoint, one of the agents in California when Joe Biden was at his Los Angeles fundraising was robbed.

The Tustin Police released a statement confirming the incident.

The agent shot his gun at the robber, who took the bag. The incident occurred at around 9:30 pm local time in the Tustin fields residential community.

Police have not identified the suspect, and do not know whether the suspect has been injured.

Biden was at the Peacock Theater to support the fundraiser. The agent was there as a backup. Anthony Guglielemi said that he was happy the agent wasn’t injured.

California’s GOP chairwoman spoke what we all thought.

GavinNewsom is a threat to even the @SecretService that protects @POTUS

@CA_Dem’s California.Meanwhile, Dems are busy in Sacramento this very minute working to make us even LESS safe. Can’t believe it.

Exactly. What does this say about the crime rate in California under Gavin Newsom, and Biden’s leadership? And how safe is Biden himself? This is an excellent comment on the failure of Democrats in general. He talks and his team spins, but it’s a good reflection on crime under Newsom and Biden.

How safe can a normal person be when even Secret Service agents have to deal with this problem and face it?

Ironically, the police report states that “there is no known threat to public safety.” There’s always a threat. A robber has just robbed a Secret Service Agent.

I am willing to wager that when they find the suspect, there will be a history of him having committed crimes and being released without being fully prosecuted. If they find him we’ll come back to that point. This is a serious problem in liberal states and cities, and it hurts Americans.

This is Joe Biden’s America. Everything is upended, and the mess includes the alleged leader.