Undocumented Immigrant Arrested for Murder of Maryland Mother of Five


Rachel Morin (37), a mother of 5 children from Bel Air, Maryland, decided to run on Agust 5, 2023. She chose a scenic trail that was near her house. According to Richard Tobin, Morin’s boyfriend, Bel Air is a peaceful town. She had nothing to worry about.

The next day, authorities found her dead body. She was dragged from the trail, raped and killed. The manhunt began in earnest at that point.

Sketches of the suspect, released in February 2024. The sketches were taken from the DNA of a suspect whose DNA was found in a California home invasion video.

The DNA was that of Victor Martinez Hernandez, 23. He was arrested late Friday night in Tulsa and booked Saturday morning.

Hernandez entered the United States in March 2023. He fled El Salvador in March 2023 after killing a woman brutally in January.

Jeffery Gahler, the Harford County sheriff, said that his office had met with Morin’s mother a few short hours before Hernandez’s arrest.

Gahler stated, “Five hours following a meeting with the family of [Morin], and just before midnight, our federal partners assisted Tulsa police to locate and arrest Rachel’s killer: Victor Antonio Martinez Hernandez.”

When the sheriff spoke about the illegal alien killer, he was emotional.

Gahler stated that “Once he entered our country and was likely emboldened due to his anonymity, the attacker brutally attacked both a nine-year old girl and her mother in Los Angeles during a March 2023 home invasion.” “And, as I’m sure everyone knows, that was the first DNA match connecting Rachel’s case with the one in Los Angeles.”

Gahler has a lot to say about Joe Biden’s management of the Southern Border.

Gahler stated that we are 1800 miles from the border. “And American citizens cannot be safe due to their failed immigration policy.”

He said, “This is the 2nd time in 2 years that a Harford County woman lost her life due to a criminal who was in our country illegally.” In both cases, the suspects are from El Salvador and have ties with criminal gangs. This shouldn’t be happening.”

“Victor Hernandez didn’t come to this country for a better life, or to provide for his family. He came here to flee the crimes he had committed in El Salvador. He said that he came to kill Rachel, and God willing, no one else.

That’s it. Nobody is saying all illegal immigrants are criminals. No one says that most illegal aliens kill. Sherrif Ghler says it perfectly when he states, “This shouldn’t be happening.”

The truth is that we do not control our border. Those who do not see this as a major problem are not looking out for the interests of the United States.

Each and every murder committed by an illegal alien on an American is an act of violence against the open borders crowd. They should have to explain before the families why their son/daughter died for a noble cause.

Hernandez did not go through any vetting. No one looked into his criminal record. He just crossed the border to start terrorizing women.

The DNA evidence should have sent him to the death chamber.