Biden Makes the Most Terrifying Statement About Parental Rights I’ve Ever Heard


Joe Biden spoke out strongly about parental rights during his speech at the White House Teacher of the Year ceremony.

Biden said that they were not the children of any other person but their own children . They are our kite strings which lift our national ambitions high. It’s true. You’ve heard it many, many times about me and my children. He said that they are all our children. This is because you know it. “They are not your children. They behave exactly like your class.

He clearly believes that teachers and school boards have the right to indoctrinate students with leftist ideologies. It is obvious from the timing of his comments in the middle of ongoing national debates about parental rights in education.

The administration of Biden has been criticised for using resources from Department of Justice to target parents who protest at school board meetings, and treating them as domestic terrorists.

Biden took a dig at Ron DeSantis (the Florida governor) and mentioned the current effort in Florida to limit the use math books that contain critical race theory.

Biden stated, “Teaching is one of the most difficult jobs” in the country. Do you think that this would fit into someone’s political agenda?