Is Kamala Harris Sicker With COVID Than the White House Will Admit?


According to one source, Kamala Harris, Vice President of the United States is using a medication that is only indicated for COVID-19 patients at high risk.

Johns Hopkins Professor of Medicine Marty Makary says he was “surprised” to discover that Harris is using Paxlovid. This drug is reserved for high-risk patients.

He noted that Harris is “symptomatic, healthy and quadruple vaccinated.”

Paxlovid, a brand new oral antiviral drug that Pfizer developed to treat COVID-19, is now available. In December, the FDA approved it as an emergency drug. Yale has published an explanation piece that states patients must use the drug within five days of experiencing symptoms.

Paxlovid was approved by the FDA for adults 12 years and older who are at least 88 lbs. To be eligible for a prescription, you must have a positive COVID-19 result and be at risk of developing severe COVID-19.

Harris appeared to be symptomatic, and was not in any risk group.

Harris still has nothing to say about this:

Kamala Harris Paxlovid

The World Health Organization recommended Paxlovid last week for milder patients but still at high risk of being hospitalized.

WHO states that Paxlovid is the “superior option” for those who are not vaccinated, elderly or have immunocompromised patients.

Harris is not old nor unvaccinated.

Are we being told something about her immune system that isn’t being revealed? Is this just an example of the politically powerful receiving special treatment that they don’t need because they can?

We owe the White House answers.