Pro Abortion Group Sends Special Message to Kavanaugh’s Wife and Daughters


We reported that pro-abortion terrorists set fire to a pro-life center helping pregnant women on Tuesday.

This was followed by numerous vandalism attacks on churches and other centers.

On Wednesday, word spread that a man was arrested near Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s house. He allegedly claimed he wanted to kill him. Nicholas Roske, the man, was alleged to have a gun, knife, and pepper spray in his backpack. Zip ties were also included. According to him, he found the address online. According to reports, he stated that he wanted Kavanaugh killed in order to fulfill his “purpose”.

The group Ruth Sent Us previously doxxed conservative justices and promoted protests at their houses. Ruth Sent Us dismissed the threat to assassinate Kavanaugh’s man and didn’t condemn the act. They also suggested that the man wasn’t carrying a weapon. The men then falsely claimed that Kavanaugh and his former aide were white supremacists, and promised to hold more protests at the homes of the justices.

The group didn’t stop there. They also sent a “special message” to Kavanaugh’s daughters and wife.

“We offer our thoughts and prayers to Brett and Ashley Kavanaugh following a Californian man arriving by taxi close to their home, armed with a gun and knife. He then called the police to confess to his murderous rage towards the abusive alcoholic “Justice.” Ashley Kavanaugh and your daughters, this billboard was placed on your school grounds. We are here for you. @LeaderMcConnell, the GOP, and others aren’t concerned about your safety. They are only concerned about the expensive Supreme Court they rigged and their own power.

It was especially shameful to send the message from the daughter’s school, as it indicated that they could gain access to the grounds. This was especially disturbing after an assassination attempt. Is it possible to do something like this? Who includes children? These people are scum.

Leftists continued to demonstrate against Kavanaugh even after the attempted assault on him.

It is disgusting to have scum like this do such things. Even worse, Democrats aren’t condemning this kind of behavior or enforcing laws that protect justices against intimidation.